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The Coastal Settlement @ 200 Netheravon Road

Secluded at 200 Netheravon Road near Changi Beach Club, this place is not that difficult to find. Turn right to Netheravon Road and take the first left turn to go into its carpark, if you're driving. Otherwise, bus #29 comes to this area as well. Here's a link to their website for directions and contacts.

food menu
drinks menu
special menu?

Happy hour is till 9pm, where a 3L Kronenbourg 1664 Eiffel Beer Tower goes for $50++ ($80++ otherwise). We got ourselves one, and filled it up with Kronenbourg 1664 Lager.

drink and be merry!
mini glass, bottoms up!

While deciding on what to order, and between gulps of beer, do explore the interior of the restaurant. Lots of things to look at.

Vespa lovers, feast your eyes
chairs, ladders and a bucket?
spacious, cosy, interesting

Think we went a wee bit overboard with the food. Ordered two starters; Wagyu Beef Cubes and Deep Fried Calamari. For mains, we had Prawn Aglio Olio with XO sauce, Grilled Fish, Perfect Roast, Rosti Sausage and a Rib-Eye Rosti. That is a whole lot of food for one guy and four ladies. Uh huh...

ice water is served freely

Service crew was friendly and polite. This place is relatively new (opened on 14th December 2011) and has a laid back vibe to it. Feels almost like you're at a friend's place for dinner.

Right, back to the food.

deep fried calamari, with tartar/mayonaise sauce in a passionfruit bowl?
crispy tasty bits

The calamari was tasty, with crunchy bits. And the passionfruit sauce bowl was interesting. Goes well with ice cold beer.

wagyu beef cubes (@$22++)
closer view of the cubes

The wagyu beef cubes were a tad disappointing. Overdone for most of the cubes, resulting in rather chewy bites. The mesclun salad that came with it, was dressed in a somewhat sweet dressing. Nice porcini slices though.

yummy mushroom with vege and beef

Appetites whetted, and ready for more. Onwards to main course!

clockwise from top: Rosti Sausage, Perfect Roast, Prawn Aglio Olio with XO sauce

best tasting dish of the night!

Liked the prawn aglio olio very much. Noodles done al-dente, springy enough but not undercooked, lusciously coated with oily and spicy 'hae bee hiam' (dried shrimps with chili) XO bits and topped up with three prawns cooked just right. Pricey dish (@$22++), but tasty and flavoursome. Yums!

Perfect Roast: truffle fries, roast chicken and french beans

First time having truffle fries. Can't say I like the smell, though. Fries itself was quite 'hard'. The chicken skin was nicely marinated but inside was a tad dry. Too bad. Perhaps, the name "Perfect Roast" has certain implications on our expectations?

Rosti Sausage

simple and enjoyable

The Rosti Sausage is such a simple dish and nicely laid out. Strips/strands of potato goodness dabbed with sour cream, a mouthful of greens and a bite of sausage. It was good.Wash it all down with beer. Burp.

The most surprising dish of the evening was the grilled fish. I had this picture in my mind of a grilled fillet western style. So, it was quite a surprise to see a whole fish done up in Asian homecooked style (though the menu did say it uses Indonesian spices...)

grilled fish with pineapple chinchalok paste

Not good with fish varieties but think it's ikan selar or scad fish (where you have to peel off the hard skin near the tail and lower body). Quite a homely comfort food. Detected a hint of santan in the rice too. My nanny used to make this dish and its dipping sauce consist of raw chopped onions, chopped chilies and dark soy sauce.

fish with kicap, kangkong and rice

The Rib Eye Rosti (medium rare) came last.

rib eye rosti with broccoli (@$32++)

Quite a large chunk of meat. The doneness for some parts were still quite rare. Overall, preferred this than the wagyu cubes.

medium rare

Feel free to chill out at this place till 12am. Spotted a picture taking machine inside the restaurant, so played with it for a while. Quite fun! Oh, all the submitted pictures will also appear at the restaurant's FB page.

press 'Take Photo', look up at the round camera hole (top part of the machine) and smile!
send it to yourself via email!

The main course prices are mostly within the $23-$26 price range (with the exception of steaks). Didn't have any room for desserts. Maybe next time. Expect to spend about $50~$60 per pax for a 3-course meal plus a pint of beer.

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  1. I was first introduced to this hidden find by my bf. It was rather inaccessible but he drives.. And i fell in love with that place instantly - love the decor, the ambience, the retro music and nostalgic feeling ~~ A great place for chilling out and dating. We enjoyed our stay there surfing the iPad and discussing about our wedding planning :)

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