Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tsukada Nojo 塚田農場 @ Westgate Jurong East

Located at Level 3 of Westgate. Dinner is available from 5pm onwards. Was there pretty early, before 6pm. Amongst the early birds, hence no queue. Was quite a warm day, so chose to sit inside where there's aircond.

Had always wanted to try this but was deterred by the long queues, especially at Plaza Singapura. Good news for westies, as Tsukada Nojo is now more accessible.

here to try this
our table
it's all about the chicken

Bijin Nabe (美人鍋) or Beauty Hot Pot serves 2 pax and costs $25++ per pax.

bijin nabe ingredients

Service staff was friendly, always with a smile and would patiently explain the workings of the beauty pot.

collagen jelly flown from Japan, made from Jitokko chicken

The collagen lumps will boil and turn into the hotpot broth after a few minutes.

melting down

Once the collagen jelly had melted into drinkable broth, the attending service staff would scoop some into the small teacups. This is to allow diners to try the unadulterated soup prior to adding the other ingredients.

collagen soup

The soup was very tasty and luckily, not overly salty. Very pronounced chicken taste.

Next, diners are encouraged to try the chicken meat. Was informed that the kampung chicken (free range chicken) is from our neighbouring country, Malaysia.

There are four types of taste enhancers for the chicken meat; leek and ginger oil, yuzu pepper oil, chili oil and soy sauce. Chicken meat was ok and quite tender. The yuzu pepper oil was quite salty though.

The ingredients for the hotpot included tori tsukune or minced chicken (for chicken meatballs), two slices of yellow zucchini, ocra, water melon radish, baby corn, fried beancurd skin, lettuce, sprouts, baby sweet potato leaves and shrimps.

waiting for a hot bath
doing the chicken balls first
all in, except for sprouts, baby sweet potato leaves and shrimps

The tori tsukune was quite nice. Ate it with the yuzu pepper and chili oil.

chicken meatball

For drinks, they do serve complimentary hot/cold tea.

cold tea
another cup of the collagen goodness?

In the midst of our meal, the service staff brought out a plate with heart shaped paste in it.

guess what's this for
It's a seaweed paste to enhance the soup. Put some of it into the small teacup and scoop the soup into it and mix well. Tiny hint of seaweed.

mochi-mochi thick noodles

The noodles is already cooked, so one just need to reheat it in the soup (aka, don't need to boil it for too long).

my dinner

The noodles weren't as thick I thought it would be. Nicely chewy and slurpilicious. Cooked the shrimps just lightly till it turned colour, and they were quite sweet. The soup got much thicker from all the boiling and very soon, a layer of oil formed at the top once we switched off the induction top.

rich broth

Was pleasantly surprised to see the plate of complimentary dessert. Nicely drawn! Kudos to the staff who did it.

nice artwork!

Dinner was a pleasant affair, and thanks Anna for the good service!

get a stamp for your next visit, and a complimentary appetiser plus a 'promotion' to the next level

This meal costs about $59 for 2 pax.


  1. :)agree! A nice place for couples dinner or family gathering :) The excellent services provided from the staffs will warm your heart :)


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