Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tanuki Raw @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 2 of Orchard Central. Visited on a Wednesday evening. This place has been around for awhile, and why it took so long for me to visit? Because I'd thought that it'll be very crowded here.

Happy Hour is from 5pm till 8pm, where martinis go for $10 and each alcoholic drink will entitle patrons to half a dozen oysters at $2 each.

outdoors, high stool, city view
promo menu

Got myself a mojito for $12 (HH) and half a dozen oyster to share. We weren't hungry. Friend got the saketini for $10 (HH).

saketini, mojito and oysters

The oysters were.... rather flat. Well, can't complain for that price. Friend felt it was quite worthed it. Briny and salty.

oysters @$2 a pop

The alcohol in the cocktails gave us quite a buzz. Had another lychee martini and the third one was a cocktail recommended by the staff. Didn't finish the last one because it had a spicy and non-likeable taste. Had a basket of truffle fries and a plate of salmon sashimi.

The thing about outdoor seats was that it was pretty noisy from the birds between 730 to 8ish in the evening. Had to like speak louder times three, if you want to be heard.

Spent about $43 per pax that night.


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