Saturday, August 29, 2015

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant @ Vivocity

"Let's go eat suckling pig!" Ivan suggested. We readily agreed. Moving about in a group has its advantages. To be able to enjoy this delicacy, one need to reserve ahead and to make a partial advance payment. Thanks to Ivan, these nitty gritty details were taken care off.

here for this!
The restaurant was fairly empty on the day of visit. Practically had the entire section for ourselves! Was pretty interested in the wines displayed on the wine shelf. A bottle of Rioja, perhaps? Too bad the group eventually chose beer and cocktails over wine. Do note that this place charges for tap water at $2++ per glass and refillable.

plenty of room

For a group of nine, we were able to order a whole piglet. A quarter of a piglet probably feeds 2 pax. I think a good suckling pig ought have good crackling with crisp skin, followed by thin layer of fat and tender meat. On top of that, the meat should be tasty as the marinade would have seeped in to add or bring out its flavour.

some paella to share

Ordered some tapas to start. Decided on octopus, brussel sprouts and deep fried baby squid. My choice of drink? Of course must try its house Sangria. I'd prefer mine red. How about you? Do you prefer red or white Sangria?

Sangria (red) @$16++
Pulpo Gallega @$19.80++

Pulpo Gallega or Galician style octopus, looks like a fairly simple dish with olive oil, salt and paprika. Was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this dish. The thin octopus slices were tender and tasty. Good to have it with a drink.

Chipirones Fritos @$18.80++
More bar food, in the form of Chipirones Fritos which was the fried baby squid with aioli. Well battered and fried to a crisp. Crunchy indeed. A pint of ice cold Erdinger, and a bite of crunchy squid sounds like a good pairing, yes?

Erdinger @$16++
White Sangria @$16++

We didn't forget about our greens, hence a customary plate of vegetable. In my entire lifetime, the probability of having brussel sprouts would be kind of low, so am happy that we got to eat some here. Turned out to be a good choice, as I enjoyed this dish quite a bit. The Coles Salteado or brussel sprouts with serrano ham was like a stir-fried style vegetable with savoury sauce.

Coles Salteado @$18.80++
For carbs, we had two types of Spanish rice; Paella Valenciana and Seafood Paella. Bomba rice is used and the stock for both seemed similar, and the difference was in its toppings. Valenciana has chicken, chorizo, prawns, squid, mussels and tomatoes while Seafood version has prawns, mussels, dory fish, and capsicum.

Seafood Paella @$58++
Paella Valenciana @$53++

Then, it was time for the star of the night. The arrival of the suckling pig, served on a wooden platter. Came with roasted skinless potatoes, served with a side of brown sauce, tomato jam and a small pot of its jus.

Whole Suckling Pig (serves 6 to 8 pax) @$308++ (promo price, usual @$388++)
cutting it up using a plate as a testament of its tenderness
all ready

Loved the suckling pig. Crispy skin, tender meat and non-gamey. All checkboxes ticked! Liked it best with the jam.  At first, would have thought that the jus that came from the piglet would be pretty salty, but it wasn't. Pleasantly mild, just like a broth.


Thank you to the group of foodies that made the dinner possible. Made memories with you guys, of having had a whole suckling pig just for us.

Expect to spend about $80+ per pax.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ginza Lion Beer Hall @ Suntec City

There were so many times that I'd passed by Ginza Lion Beer Hall when in Sapporo earlier in May. But, didn't try it there. Since Suntec has one, it's time to round up some friends to check out this place. Located at 3 Temasek Boulevard Level 1, aka somewhere at Tower 4. Nearest MRT would be Promenade. If walking from City Hall MRT, that'll take about 15 minutes or more. For me, thought it felt like an eternity...ok I exaggerate. But, it was far.


Happy hour (HH) till 8pm, so got myself a half and half @$10++ per glass. Half Sapporo and half Dunkel equates to slightly bitter deliciousness. For something sweeter, you might want to try the Iichiko Yuzushu (yuzu liqueur). By default, that's served on the rocks, but it tasted nice with soda as well. Soda cost a dollar more.

Half&Half @$10++ HH (non-HH $12++)
see through kitchen

For carbs, we got the truffle fries and the carbonara. Truffle fries was good, crunch on its outershell and soft in its inside. Strong truffle smell and adequately salted. The carbonara was lighter in flavour than expected but still enjoyable.

golden brown truffle fries @$11++
carbonara @$16++

For proteins, how can we not try the chicken wings? Was curious about its roast beef, so got ourselves two slices to share. The beef was pretty au naturel so use the horseradish or the wasabi to give some kick, but I think the ponzu sauce was quite necessary.

roast beef x 2 @$20++
chicken wings x 4 @$10++

Chicken wings, best eaten while still hot. Tasted like soy marinated and glistening when served. Goes well with cold beer.

Expect to spend about $35 per pax with a drink.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Bap @ Velocity Novena Square

Located at Level 2, just next to Marco Marco. Business was brisk on a weekday lunch hour. Serves rice  bowls and ramyums. Styled similarly to fast-food joints, do the ordering at the counter and make payment. Food will be served to your table.

token to identify the table?

Chose "The Classic" which has beef. Top up $3.50 for a drink (limited selection) and a small side of kimchi.

The Classic (top-up for drink and kimchi)

green plum was not available, so pear will do
mix well and enjoy

The amount of rice in the bowl was quite alot for a small eater but would've been just nice for a guy. The kimchi was quite good. Liked the sauce used for the rice.

Expect to spend about $12 per pax for a main and a drink.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Whisk & Paddle @ Tebing Lane

Tebing Lane is at the 'other' part of the world for someone who lives in the west. Located all the way in far-away Punggol for us westies. This was our last stop during one of the cafe hopping weekend. and I must say, the cafe has some very pretty table-tops. Choose those tables for instant 'chio' backdrop for the food.

Disclaimer: Our group got a plain black coloured glass table-top.

This place also has a corner where children can play while parents enjoy their coffees.

 After having way too much coffee and the sun was burning down on us, decided to have cold non-caffeinated drinks instead. Thatcher's Rose cider for $18 per bottle. They do have quite an extensive alcoholic drinks in the menu ranging from beer, ciders, wine, cocktails, whiskies and cocktails.

rose cider

Feel free to have a look at its desserts counter. The chocolate fudge cake was calling out to us. Resistance is futile.
how about a slice of cake?

Ordered a couple of items to share.

cheesecake with berries compote @$6
warm chocolate fudge cake @$6 (with single scoop ice-cream $10.50)

The cheesecake was rather light, and I think I had forgotten to sample the berries compote. Haha! The fudge cake looked really good. Liked those chocolatey gooey goodness. Of course, two is not enough. We had some waffles as well.

Tropical Brulee @$13.50
Only half a waffle though. The chocolate waffle was of the crispy kind. Ice-cream on waffles, what's there not to like? The caramelized banana was pleasant.

For people who lives around the area, Whisk & Paddle seemed like a nice place to visit on weekends and there's ample parking.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ssikkek BBQ @ United Square

Was at Ssikkek to celebrate cousin's birthday. The buffet price for adult is $24++ for dinner. Cooked dishes include teokbokki 떡볶이, japchae 잡채, porridge 죽, deep fried chicken wings, sweet sour pork etc. 

cooked food

Not a minute to be wasted as there is a 2-hour time limit for the buffet. Guessed that's the norm nowadays for Korean BBQ buffets, yes?

let's get cooking - marinated spicy chicken and pork belly

Lots of meat options, so started with pork belly and spicy chicken. The spicy chicken is recommended. However, lettuces are hot commodities as it wasn't replenished quick enough on our day of visit.

just a little bit more
While waiting for the meats, have some porridge to line the stomach or soups. The drinks, like what others had mentioned, were pretty diluted.

The place was pretty crowded but its service crew would still come by to change the grill. However, do be careful to place your bag away from the chairs near the grill as the staff managed to spill oil onto my bag while I was away at the food counter. -_-'''

beef short ribs 쇠갈비

The restaurant was accommodating to birthday celebration as they brought out clean plates for the cake to our table.

cousin's big-40 cake, baked by his lovely wife

Yahava KoffeeWorks @ Jalan Gelenggang

One of those places that either you are staying near the area, or need a car to get there. Or, you may want to follow Derrick's tips on navigating to Yahava via public transportation. How did I get there? Hehe, friends get you everywhere! Special thanks to Ivan and Hence. If you're driving, there's a public car park nearby, with limited capacity of course.

The shop itself has a large sign-board and viewable from afar. Once, you're at its doorstep, you'll notice its door handle/knob that's different from others.

Yahava has a fairly large space to accommodate cafe-goers. At its backroom, one could probably see an on-going coffee appreciation workshop in session. Barista courses are available too. Find out more from this link.

what's available
beans and brews
the mechanics

The place was pretty cosy, very relaxed vibe. Felt almost as if it has a do-as-you-wish kind of atmosphere. Ordered some koffees and cakes to sample.

collective order - affagato, the rose late (for SG50), hot chokolate, mokha and black coffee
danish and scones

Spent some time choosing the cakes. Finally, made the decision to try matcha and the earl grey cakes.

matcha cake
earl grey cake

Preferred the green tea cake for its spongier and lighter texture. The earl grey cake was a tad too dense for my liking.

In terms of drinks, I totally dig the Rose Latte. You'll love this if you like drinking bandung. However, it can do with more coffee. Well, I did mix it a bit with the Kintamani black coffee and it tasted good!

Rose Latte
my order of Mokha @$5

Yahava KoffeeWorks

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