Saturday, August 29, 2015

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant @ Vivocity

"Let's go eat suckling pig!" Ivan suggested. We readily agreed. Moving about in a group has its advantages. To be able to enjoy this delicacy, one need to reserve ahead and to make a partial advance payment. Thanks to Ivan, these nitty gritty details were taken care off.

here for this!
The restaurant was fairly empty on the day of visit. Practically had the entire section for ourselves! Was pretty interested in the wines displayed on the wine shelf. A bottle of Rioja, perhaps? Too bad the group eventually chose beer and cocktails over wine. Do note that this place charges for tap water at $2++ per glass and refillable.

plenty of room

For a group of nine, we were able to order a whole piglet. A quarter of a piglet probably feeds 2 pax. I think a good suckling pig ought have good crackling with crisp skin, followed by thin layer of fat and tender meat. On top of that, the meat should be tasty as the marinade would have seeped in to add or bring out its flavour.

some paella to share

Ordered some tapas to start. Decided on octopus, brussel sprouts and deep fried baby squid. My choice of drink? Of course must try its house Sangria. I'd prefer mine red. How about you? Do you prefer red or white Sangria?

Sangria (red) @$16++
Pulpo Gallega @$19.80++

Pulpo Gallega or Galician style octopus, looks like a fairly simple dish with olive oil, salt and paprika. Was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this dish. The thin octopus slices were tender and tasty. Good to have it with a drink.

Chipirones Fritos @$18.80++
More bar food, in the form of Chipirones Fritos which was the fried baby squid with aioli. Well battered and fried to a crisp. Crunchy indeed. A pint of ice cold Erdinger, and a bite of crunchy squid sounds like a good pairing, yes?

Erdinger @$16++
White Sangria @$16++

We didn't forget about our greens, hence a customary plate of vegetable. In my entire lifetime, the probability of having brussel sprouts would be kind of low, so am happy that we got to eat some here. Turned out to be a good choice, as I enjoyed this dish quite a bit. The Coles Salteado or brussel sprouts with serrano ham was like a stir-fried style vegetable with savoury sauce.

Coles Salteado @$18.80++
For carbs, we had two types of Spanish rice; Paella Valenciana and Seafood Paella. Bomba rice is used and the stock for both seemed similar, and the difference was in its toppings. Valenciana has chicken, chorizo, prawns, squid, mussels and tomatoes while Seafood version has prawns, mussels, dory fish, and capsicum.

Seafood Paella @$58++
Paella Valenciana @$53++

Then, it was time for the star of the night. The arrival of the suckling pig, served on a wooden platter. Came with roasted skinless potatoes, served with a side of brown sauce, tomato jam and a small pot of its jus.

Whole Suckling Pig (serves 6 to 8 pax) @$308++ (promo price, usual @$388++)
cutting it up using a plate as a testament of its tenderness
all ready

Loved the suckling pig. Crispy skin, tender meat and non-gamey. All checkboxes ticked! Liked it best with the jam.  At first, would have thought that the jus that came from the piglet would be pretty salty, but it wasn't. Pleasantly mild, just like a broth.


Thank you to the group of foodies that made the dinner possible. Made memories with you guys, of having had a whole suckling pig just for us.

Expect to spend about $80+ per pax.


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