Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Prata Place @ Upper Thomson Road

This place is somewhere near Springleaf Garden at Upper Thomson Road and definitely needed a car to get there. Remember the Ultimate Hawker Food Fest that was curated by Ian, Maureen and Derrick sometime in October last year? On its 'Ultimate Ingredient' menu, The Prata Place had showcased its Prata with Poached Egg w/ Hollandaise. It's called the Blaster Plaster! But the sauce seemed to be different...

Blaster Plaster
perfectly runny yolk

The Blaster Plaster really tasted like an angmonized prata. It was more of a regular egg benny but on a crispy pancake instead. Didn't really go well with the curry though. It was like a novelty to eat this with teh tarik, but I prefer the usual pratas with strong curry. Speaking of teh tarik, it's almost customary to have it with pratas, don't you think? Or Nescafe tarik. That works too.

teh tarik less sweet

If weather is too hot, have a glass of teh-o-limau ais (iced tea with lime. That's a thirst quencher!

weather too hot? Or, if curry was too hot

The Ultimate Murtabak is on menu, so we got ourselves that. Ultimate anything, should be worth trying, right? This murtabak has tandoori chicken, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Came in a good size for sharing. Loaded with ingredients and tasted so good with the chicken or fish curry. Personal favourite was the fish curry. Yums and spicier.

Ultimate Murtabak
loaded with ingredients

For munchies that doesn't fill you up, there's pappadum. But I'd think pappadum goes better with rice that's drenched in curry sauce, and with some delicious fried chicken.


Then, the latest on the menu would be Umami 50 which has chicken luncheon meat, chicken floss and mayo. Glad that we ordered this, as it was really tasty! Ate it with fish curry and the combo was just wow. Spicy, savoury and sweet at the same time. Lovely and definitely recommended. Don't forget the fish curry sauce.

Umami 50


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