Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters @ Jalan Pelatina

Located at Jalan Pelatina Upper Thomson Road, this place was crowded during the weekend morning of our visit. Long queues outside after 10am. This place is at the same stretch that houses One Man Coffee, just that it's at the other corner.

beautiful tarts
Coffee with milk comes in a 3 size options; 3, 5 or 7 ounces. 3 ounces would be something of an espresso lungo size. Three ounces is about 90ml of liquid. Tiny when compared to the smallest size of say, Starbucks. Chose the Roadster blend, for a more chocolatey flavour.

Roadster blend 3 ounces @$4.50
cold brew coffee

For food, we had the breakfast set, pancakes and a lemon tart. Shared the food as there are other stops to make that day.

The breakfast set was good, liked the jam that came along with it. Spread it up, mop up the yolk and eat together with those saltish bits of bacon and salmon. Yums.

Signature Breakfast @$20

Pancakes @$16

The pancake stack of course, pretty to look at. It was soft and pillowy. Liked it with lots of maple syrup and mascarpone. Not overly sweet, just nice.

let's drizzle
good for sharing

The green apple looking tart was very pretty, but we got the lemon one instead. The lemony zing was nice and not too sharp. Best consumed with a cup of hot coffee.

lemon tart
good things must share

Pacamara have some interesting craft beers too (for example, milk stout?!), if you fancy that in the morning or on a hot sunny afternoon. 



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