Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ginza Lion Beer Hall @ Suntec City

There were so many times that I'd passed by Ginza Lion Beer Hall when in Sapporo earlier in May. But, didn't try it there. Since Suntec has one, it's time to round up some friends to check out this place. Located at 3 Temasek Boulevard Level 1, aka somewhere at Tower 4. Nearest MRT would be Promenade. If walking from City Hall MRT, that'll take about 15 minutes or more. For me, thought it felt like an eternity...ok I exaggerate. But, it was far.


Happy hour (HH) till 8pm, so got myself a half and half @$10++ per glass. Half Sapporo and half Dunkel equates to slightly bitter deliciousness. For something sweeter, you might want to try the Iichiko Yuzushu (yuzu liqueur). By default, that's served on the rocks, but it tasted nice with soda as well. Soda cost a dollar more.

Half&Half @$10++ HH (non-HH $12++)
see through kitchen

For carbs, we got the truffle fries and the carbonara. Truffle fries was good, crunch on its outershell and soft in its inside. Strong truffle smell and adequately salted. The carbonara was lighter in flavour than expected but still enjoyable.

golden brown truffle fries @$11++
carbonara @$16++

For proteins, how can we not try the chicken wings? Was curious about its roast beef, so got ourselves two slices to share. The beef was pretty au naturel so use the horseradish or the wasabi to give some kick, but I think the ponzu sauce was quite necessary.

roast beef x 2 @$20++
chicken wings x 4 @$10++

Chicken wings, best eaten while still hot. Tasted like soy marinated and glistening when served. Goes well with cold beer.

Expect to spend about $35 per pax with a drink.


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