Sunday, June 19, 2022

Beast and Butterflies - 2022 @ 90 Robertson Quay


Not a stranger to this place, read more from this post. Went back there in May 2022 with Tracy, Hence and Ivan. Our visit was more memorable as Fiona really made sure we had a good time there. Thank you!

It is quite obvious that my favourites there are the Hokkien Mee and Pork Knuckles. This time round, I wanted to try the lamb rack, so we got that too. Also took the chance to enjoy their weekend 2 hours free-flow cocktail with top-up of $25++. You could select the Mimosa, Aperol or Sangria. I tried the Sangria and I do agree with Fiona that the concoction is delicious!

Claypot Hokkien Mee @$14

Crispy Pork Knuckle @$22 (half portion)

Is it just me or the portion of the pork knuckles seemed to have decreased? Hahaa, I think I could do a full portion next time! Crackly skin and moist meat. Hokkien mee is as flavourful as I remembered it albeit it had lesser crispy pork lard but I am sure if you request for more, it will likely be acceded.

Lamb Rack (300gm) @$48

Lamb Rack was the most expensive item but it was pretty good and we liked it for its succulent texture. Well seasoned too, so each bite was precious. No additional sauce was required.

We were kept happy with our cocktail. Mood was light and jovial with a touch of sweetness, and Fiona did check on us to see if there's anything else that we needed.


Of course, we ended our meal with dessert. Not just one or two, but four!

(from left to right) Molten Chocolate Cake, Apple Pie, Lemon Tart 

Pandan Panna Cotta @$12

The Pandan Panna Cotta has that distinctive pandan fragrance and the rich sweetness from the gula melaka sauce. It was wobbly and not too dense.

The Molten Chocolate Cake, I just love digging into all the chocolatey gooey goodness for that decadent bite. 

Molten Chocolate Cake @$17

For the apple pie, I liked the version here because it is not too sweet. Lovely to enjoy by yourself or with friends.

Apple Pie @$10

The lemon tart was lovely too with some tart/tangy/sweetness from the lemon flavours and to be honest, I think you can find something that you will like.

Lemon Tart @$8

Thank you Tracy, Hence and Ivan for the birthday treat. Am glad to have all of you in my life to enjoy the delicious food and our adventurous impromptu travels. 

Special shoutout to Fiona and team at Beast and Butterflies.

Beast and Butterflies

Address: M Social Singapore 90 Robertson Quay Singapore 238259
Contact: 9183 9420

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Afternoon Tea @ 1864 The Bar, Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Since we were staying at Sofitel City Centre, it made sense to also try their Afternoon Tea, served at 1864 The Bar, which is located at the hotel reception area.

1864 The Bar

The most distinguishable characteristic of 1864, is the huge teddy bear laying on the sofa for each table. Comes in different colours too! Ours was white.

Afternoon Tea 

Available from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, and because it was the weekend, we paid $118++ for two pax.

tea for you

coffee for me

I guess solo guest will not be able to enjoy the Afternoon Tea since it comes as a set for two pax.

box cover

The cakes and pastries were served in a box and it can be nicely pulled out to reveal the upper deck and lower deck. The top deck held the sweets while the lower deck had all the savouries! In the event that you need to 'dabao', can just conveniently take the entire box back to the room. Ingenious idea.

the sweets

the savouries

Hmm, I guess scones are considered as savoury? What do you usually start off with? My friends were aghast when I started with scone. I just wanted to eat it while it is warm.

enjoying the plain scone

The colours for the Duo Salmon on Brioche was really intriguing, what with the purple coloured bread!

Duo Salmon on Brioche

I was alternating between sweets and savoury and that worked quite well. 



Top-shell kue pie tee

Mozzarella Cheese Croquette with Truffle Aioli

mozzarella cheese worked well with jam too!

The truffle aioli was really good but it was just a small blob. Very tasty. The mozzarella was a tad firm and dense, so I dabbed it with a bit of jam and voila, it was actually nice!

And, when you think of a macaron, you'd think that it would be sweet but let's see how a foie gras macaron tasted. Hmmm, I didn't like it. Still pretty sweet.

foie gras macaron

hmm, still tasted sweet!

Mango Tart Tartin

I have 3 favorites from the sweets section; Montblanc, Mango Tart Tartin and Honey Cheesecake! The sweetest out of this lot was the Honey Cheesecake. Mango Tart tasted of real mangoes and its texture was softer than expected.

Honey Cheesecake

soft and sweet

By now, I realised I couldn't finish the rest of the sweets which are mainly the chocolate stuffs. I did have them later, and the chocolate was really good as well.

It is impossible to leave this place, feeling hungry.

Lovely tea break with Tracy, Hence and Ivan.

Special thanks to the staff who attended to us that day.

1864 The Bar

Address: 9 Wallich St, #5th Floor Sofitel Singapore City Centre, Singapore 078885
Contact: 6428 5000

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Experiencing Sofitel Singapore City Center @ Wallich Street


Was there in Apr 2022 together with the staycay gang; Tracy, Hence and Ivan. Tried to do an early check-in about 1.30pm but one of our room is not ready yet. 

level 1

Hence, we proceeded to lunch at Itaewon Jjajang while we wait. After lunch, we went back to the hotel and the rooms are ready by now.

LUXURY ROOM, King Size Bed


reading corner

view from Level 13

nice tea set in the room

Bose speaker

coffee corner

let's have one

Oh, there was no bedroom slippers when I searched for it in the room. Hence, called receptionist and they sent Housekeeping to pass one slipper.

special delivery


bathing things


One thing that I was puzzled is that there was a box for toiletries in the bathroom but it was empty. The bathing gel, shampoo and conditioner were all placed in the bathroom but it wasn't sealed. Hence, not sure whether it is new or used...

The next morning, when Housekeeping came by to refresh the room, there was another set of bathing gel, shampoo and conditioner and these too do not have a sticker seal so I guess, not a concern here?

Let's go for evening cocktail at Club Millesime. We were at the Lounge a tad earlier than 6pm, and the staff kindly served us nuts and juices while we wait for the start of the evening cocktail.

orange/apple juice


evening cocktail set for 2 pax


I like the sweets from Sofitel. The macaron was lovely! The hot food selection was limited to just two items.



Breakfast is served at Racines and they have adequate selections. Guest will tick-off the orders from an order chit.


omelette for me

laksa for Tracy

flaky croissant

dim sum


red bean bun

Breakfast was filling and food was tasty. The omelette plate had all the western elements plus one small side of stir fried mushrooms for the Eastern element. Interesting.

I had a good sleep at Sofitel City Center as its room condition was cozy and comfortable.

Sofitel Singapore City Center

Address: 9 Wallich St, Singapore 078885


Contact: 6428 5000

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