Sunday, June 13, 2021

Let's Sip Some Champagne for Breakfast, Shall We? @ The Edge Pan Pacific Singapore

The blackout curtains in the room did a good job to keep one well rested. That, and the comfy bed. For Day 2, I was up early before 8am and went down to The Edge where breakfast is served for Pacific room guests. For Day 3, I overslept and went down at around 9+am.

morning view


taking the lift down to Level 3

The Edge

After Safe-Entry, the staff would pass you a piece of paper with a code written on it. This is the number that one keys in when ordering breakfast from the QR code located at each seat assigned on the box containing sugar sachets.

Items such as eggs, waffles and pancakes are ordered through own device. After trying the omelette with capsicum and the one with ham and cheese, I'd prefer the capsicum version for the fresh taste of the bell peppers.

breakfast menu

What is your must haves for a staycay breakfast? For me, it is eggs. Usually I'd go for scrambled or omelette. 

breakfast must haves - omelette

omelette with capsicum, mushrooms and tomato

omelette with virginia ham and cheese

The waffles also fared better than the pancake. Pancake was a tad too dense for my liking while the waffles was crisp on its outerside and fluffy inside.

waffles with gula melaka creme fraiche and pandan kaya


Day 2 morning, which happened to be my birthday. Was surprised when one of the staff at The Edge, Fahmi came out with a cake slice after I had done with breakfast. This made the other table looked at us and sang along. Hahahaa! Thank you for the sweet gesture.

thank you Fahmi for the birthday treat

Taittinger Brut Champagne was available upon request. It is rather unusual for me to be sipping alcohol that early in the day and I shall remember this Champagne Breakfast at Pan Pacific.

Taittinger Brut Champagne

snacks from the buffet counter

The Edge was really busy on a Saturday morning and there were guests who came by for breakfast at about 10am. My order for omelette which was placed at 915am was also missing till I enquired for it after I had finished the pancake.

Had the chance to observe and liked that the staff treated all guests similarly with polite greetings upon arriving and leaving the restaurant.

For solo guests like me, when staff are not too busy, they'd drop by to enquire if you'd place your order or if there's anymore drinks that you'd like. It was a welcoming feeling in general.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Of Evening Cocktails @ Pacific Club Lounge Pan Pacific Singapore

Evening cocktails and canapés are served at the Pacific Club Lounge from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Was excited to check this out, and thus, here is the collection of the items enjoyed for the 2-nights stay.

daytime view from Level 38

night time view

Taittinger Brut Réserve,  canapes

The menu is different for alternate days, so one gets to try different canapes throughout their 2-nights stay. I did inform the staff to tone down on the quantity served since am only dining solo, but I think in general, they were still trying to keep me well-fed. Hahaaa!

Menu for Mondays and Thursdays

Marinated Mixed Olives, Beetroot Tzatziki, Comte’ Cheese with Crackers

Poached Prawns and Pineapple Chutney 

The menu indicated it as poached prawns and pineapple chutney but it looked and tasted like ngoh hiang though. Was amused and yet wondering if there's anything wrong with me...

At first the bright pink of the tzatziki looked suspicious. However, it tasted pretty refreshing with mild sweetness. Loved it with those thin as wafer super crunchy sesame crackers.

Beetroot Tzatziki and crackers

Grilled Chicken Sausage with Mustard and Cornichons 

The chicken sausages were of a texture that I enjoyed. Bouncy and soft.

For Day 2, I had skipped the Afternoon Tea in a bid to save some stomach space for the canapes and drinks.

Menu for Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken

Deep-fried Mushroom Spring Roll

Chickpea Hummus

no idea what this was but it was tasty with the jam

I think this had tuna in it

I felt the canapes and hot items served on Friday, fared better than the Thursday menu. The cheese served was the same though. For Day 2, I opted to try the cocktails, thus ordered the lychee martini and margarita. Boy, I didn't know that they'd make it this strong. Wow!

Lychee Martini


Staff at Pan Pacific are generally sweet. I was given a birthday card with signatures from them and best wishes for the special occasion. Thank you !

thank you for making this special

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Afternoon Tea @ Pacific Club Lounge Pan Pacific Singapore

Pacific Club Lounge is located at Level 38 of Pan Pacific Singapore, and the room that I was staying was at Level 33. Was greeted by the staff once they caught sight of you walking near the entrance.

For guests staying in Pacific rooms, one could enjoy afternoon tea served from 3pm to 5pm. So off I went, to explore this benefit.

Pacific Club Lounge

Afternoon Tea (for 2 pax)

Once you had made your order for drinks (juices/coffee/tea), the staff would bring out the afternoon tea set automatically. Hmm, I was dining alone but the serving was meant for 2 pax.

breads, cakes and scones

The top-tier of the tray were all the breads/sandwiches. Japanese Egg Sandwich, Charcoal Brioche Bun and Smoked Trout, Nori and Wasabi Mayonnaise Sandwich.

Charcoal Brioche Bun with Corn Kernel, Crab Meat and Japanese Mayonnaise

I liked the Smoked Trout sandwich the most out of this lot.

sweets - Matcha Azuki Monaka, Sudachi Tart, Citrus Raspberry Matcha Entremet

The second tier had a variety of cakes. The least likeable one was the monaka. It was pretty bland, unfortunately.

Moist Chocolate Cake

My favourite cake was the Raspberry Lychee Rose Roulade. Light, not too sweet. So good.

Raspberry Lychee Rose Roulade


The bottom tier had scones and quiche. The salmon quiche was nice. I was stuffed by the time I got to the scones.

Blueberry Scone with Clotted Cream and Apricot Jam, Salmon Quiche

Salmon Quiche with Ikura

Quite liked that the set was alternating between savories and sweets. 

final bite

Feeling curious, I enquired from the staff if the by default they'd be serving a 2-pax afternoon tea set even to a solo guest, and the response was affirmative. Just note that guests are not allowed to pack the leftovers, if any.

end with a flat white

It was an amusing afternoon tea experience, and feeling stuffed thereafter. Dinner, was not necessary after all.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

[Staycation] The Pacific Room Experience @ Pan Pacific Singapore (Pre-HA)


Booked direct via hotel website about a month in advance. Then, only to discover that Amex had an ongoing promotion for rebate of $60 for $300 and above spending under the Pan Pacific hotel group. However, not applicable for online payment. Darn.

Never mind, since can't be helped. The room rate was the best, in comparison with Agoda, etc. Non-refundable though.

Was given the 12.30pm check-in timing, and there was a queue at the general reception counter, manned by two staff. My line was pretty slow, and after 10 minutes, the concierge started to reallocate the guests to other counters on the inside. Alas, there was just another person in-front of me, yet had to wait another 10 minutes till I was moved to another counter.

Nevertheless, Crizel at the counter was friendly and I got my room key cards without any hassle. She wished me an advance birthday too. Lovely, for noticing.

Was pretty excited to see the room, as this is my first time staying in a luxury hotel, and where its lounge access is touted as one of the best in Singapore.

lift, going up

Loved the transparent lift as one could enjoy the outside sceneries while moving up. Was given a room at Level 33, so quite happy with this arrangement.

lift lobby at Level 33

knock, knock

Pacific Room with King Bed 38sqm (409sq-ft)

welcome message on-screen

view rom room

spacious workdesk

I love Nespresso

As I opened the cabinets next to the bed, discovered the wine glasses and the space where the kettle and instant coffee is stored. Nice. TWG tea in abundance too. Lovely.

more coffee and tea

instant coffee

glasses for your needs

complimentary non-alcoholic drinks

plenty of bottled water

The King-sized bed was lovely but I do think the bed is positioned a tad higher than other hotels as I needed to 'climb' up the bed. I'm 1.58m.

The bathroom is spacious and there's a bath tub with bath salt provided. Nice. Plenty of towels too.




I think this was my first time seeing such a contraption in the shower of a hotel. The many many nozzles that  looked like it could be for massaging effect? Tried to turn it on but only the lower two nozzles had water coming out of it. Interesting but it took up quite a bit of space in there.


pretty in white

bath salt provided

Soaking in the bath tub was rather nice and relaxing. Size of the tub is good.

Was informed during check-in that the room will not be cleaned on a daily basis unless guests requested for it by phone call, on the day that the room requires cleaning.

To view the in-room dining menu, one could do it from the TV or via the app to 'converse' with Mika, the hotel Digital Concierge.

Mika - Digital Concierge

The Pacific Room comes with Champagne Breakfast (served at The Edge), Afternoon Tea and Evening Cocktail (served at Level 38 Pacific Club Lounge).

probably the face after all the dining and wining

Benefits for Pacific Club Room Guests

Let's explore the Afternoon Tea experience at Pacific Club Lounge here.

Take a look at the Pacific Club Lounge Evening Cocktails selection here.

How about Champagne Breakfast at The Edge? Take a look here.

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