Thursday, December 26, 2019

[Media Invite] GO Noodle House (GNH) 有间面馆 @ 313 Somerset

From across the causeway, GO Noodle House has made its way into the heart of Orchard. Located at basement of 313 Somerset, GNH uses a special family recipe for its superior fish bone broth.

what would you like to have?

Have you tried their signature bursting pork meatball in superior broth with mi xian? The meatballs though had a dense exterior, its inside was bouncy and moist. The broth was indeed of a superior taste. The mi xian (米线) or rice noodles (looked like thick bee hoon) was done in Jiangxi province-style. The smooth strands of noodles were slippery and slurp worthy.

 Signature bursting meatball (pork) in superior broth with mi xian @$10.90++
mi xian 米线

Interesting to note that hua tiao wine (花雕酒) would be added to the broth when served. GNH has their own bottled hua tiao wine for customers to purchase and store on-site, so that you could add as much to the broth as you like!

hua tiao wine 花雕酒

For the noodles, the 5-years hua tiao wine is typically used. Had a taste of the 10-years hua tiao and it had stronger herb flavours when sipped slowly.

10 years hua tiao

To accompany the noodles, one could order fried snacks to munch as well. We tried the five spice meat roll (ngoh hiang), crispy fu chuk (fried beancurd skin), and gold coin bak kwa. The fu chuk was a tad oily but it was full of flavours! Loved the well fried treats!

Trio Platter (five spice meat roll, crispy fu chuk, gold coin aka bak kwa) @$12.90++
look at those skin!

Order up a bowl of handmade fish paste in superior soup if you want an unadulterated taste of the broth. More umami! The fish paste texture was surprisingly softer than anticipated.

Handmade fish paste in superior broth @$11.90++

For something 'meatier', go for the latest item in the menu; Fresh frog (田鸡) in superior soup with bee hoon. This was my favourite bowl. The meat was sweet, and the flavourful soup (loved the sliced bittergourd) was well absorbed by the thin bee hoon. Perfect combo!

Fresh (whole) frog (田鸡) in superior soup with bee hoon @$12.90++
thin rice vermicelli (bee hoon) - best pairing with the soup

For the beef lovers, you could try the Trio beef combo (premium beef slice, beef tendon & beef ball) with mi xian. The beef balls tasted rustic while the beef slices was lightly poached and flavourful. Wonder if it was marinated prior. The basil leaves added a refreshing touch to the beefy bowl.

Trio beef combo (premium beef slice, beef tendon & beef ball) with mi xian @$13.90++
loaded with ingredients

If you don't fancy the noodles soup (but why?!), you could try the Hakka sauce homemade noodles with century egg. In fact, I'd recommend the Hakka sauce noodles. It was that good.

This was my first time seeing century egg on a plate of noodles. There are fried lardo bits, shallots, minced pork, black fungus, and anchovies in there. Mix it well, and you'll get a plate of super flavourful noodles that had a hint of sesame oil to it. This plate was well liked by the group.

Hakka sauce homemade noodles with century egg @$9.90++
toss it well

Thirsty? Get a cup of the sweet and cooling dates wolfberry tea. I got the iced version.

dates wolfberry tea @$2++

Next, we also sampled a spicy noodles; the double bursting fishball (fish roe) in homemade spicy soup with thin bee hoon. The fishball had a gooey centre of fish roe. One needs to be careful when biting into this as its center would still be hot. I can't pinpoint the flavours of the spicy soup and it was probably just 0.5 out of 5 in the spice level. Not to worry as their house chili dip was really good and got kick. Just pour some of this over the noodles to enjoy a level up in spice!

Double bursting fishball (fish roe) in homemade spicy soup with bee hoon @$14.90++
hidden treasure inside
house chili dip

Thank you Tiara for the invite and GO Noodle House for hosting the tasting. My favourite bowls are the fresh (whole) frog in superior soup with bee hoon, the hakka noodles and the signature bursting meatballs.

GO Noodle House

Address: 313 Orchard Rd, #B3-37/38, 313@Somerset 238895
Contact: 6363 5323
Business Hours:
Mon to Sun: 10am – 10pm

Saturday, December 21, 2019

[Media Invite] Exquisite Japanese-Italian Omakase Dinner at Monte Risaia @ 59 Duxton Road

Monte Risaia is located at 59 Duxton Road and specializes in Japanese-Italian omakase dinner, meticulously crafted by Chef Taizo and team using premium ingredients and seasonal ingredients.

The counter seats could accommodate about 12 pax and it is where one could watch all the action that goes into each of the dishes served. There are two private rooms as well if you prefer so.

Chef Taizo Yamada in action
edible flowers
are we going to get those juicy tomatoes on vine?
first course and it involved torching~
finishing touches
 Mozzarella Al Forno

For the first course, one could choose between Signature Uni Pudding or the  Mozzarella Al Forno. I had the pudding but that wagyu looked so good! Didn't get a taste but it had aged Akagi wagyu, eggplant and avruga caviar ontop of the cheese. It already sounded delicious!

Was comforted by the solid whole pieces of sea urchin beckoning for a taste. So curious about the pudding. Was informed that the ingredients for the pudding were yellow eggs, cream and milk. Texture that was like tofu, creamy and non-funky. Lovey savoury flavours. 

Signature Uni Pudding

Then, the kitchen got really busy and there were larger plates laid out for our next dish.

assembling in progress
finishing touches on the Antipasto Misto

Antipasto Misto
The Antipasto Misto looked gorgeous. Like a picture! There were 5 components on the plate and Chef Roy would explain each components. "Have the cold seafood first, then followed by the seabream, the prawn arrabiata, the San Danielle ham with strawberry and finally, the fried gnocchi."

Sakoshi Bay oyster, yay! I lurrrve this oyster because it's so plump and fresh! Want to have this again.

Antipasto Misto - Sakoshi Bay oyster with ikura

Was pleasantly surprised by the seabream in shallot sauce. On first bite, one would have noticed the crunchy texture, which we later learnt is the shark cartilage. I think it was brilliant to use this. The sauce itself was mildly sweet, and tangy. The fish was firm and sweet. So good. This became my favourite piece.

Seabream with Shallot Sauce

The Prawn Arrabiata was also smile inducing. It was decorated with chrysanthemum petals, and what a lovely sauce it had. A tiny bit spicy and a whole lot tomato-ey. I liked this.

Prawn Arrabiata

Ice plant is an interesting plant, with stems that are dotted with tiny crystal lookalike, making it look as if it had been surviving in the Arctic for some time. It is edible and tasted crunchy, with a bit of water and tiny bit salty/acidic. The fried gnocchi was soft and nicely golden. Loved the cheese sauce underneath.

Fried Gnocchi with Ice Plant

After all eating all the gorgeousness, it was time for something more substantial. Chef would be cooking us pasta after the appetisers.

plating in progress
stirring the sauce
everything together now
 Signature “Shiso and Omaru Dashi” Pasta

The very first noticeable thing about the pasta was of its lingering fragrance. Loved the taste of shiso that's refreshing in a pasta dish.

lovely fragrance

guess what these are

The final course, was a meat item. Not just one meat but two! Grilled Iberico pork and sirloin beef duo. My goodness. The pork was awesome! This was the first time that I had preferred pork over beef. Such tender texture that was so gentle to chew on, and on-point flavours.

Grilled Iberico Pork and Sirloin Beef

The above 4-course omakase dinner set is priced at $98++ while a 3-course set is priced at $68++. Top-up $12++ to end the meal with a dolce.

Thank you Jennifer from JY Consulting for the invite and Monte Risaia for hosting the dinner. Special thanks to Chef Taizo Yamada, Chef Roy for the delicious food and Patrick for taking care of us.

Monte Risaia

Address: 59 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089523
Contact: 6970 0067
Business Hours:
Mon to Sat : 6pm to 12am
Closed on Sundays.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

[Media Invite] A Lavish Christmas Brunch @ Roots Mediterranean

Here's another idea on where to celebrate the festivities, and where one could be spoilt for choice because Roots Mediterranean does Italian, Spanish, Greek and Levantine cuisines! We had a sneak peak into Roots' Christmas Brunch menu and boy, what a treat it was. Thank you Jennifer from JY Consultancy for the invite and Roots Mediterranean for hosting the brunch tasting.

awaiting for the feast... I mean for other guests to arrive
assorted breads and pastry

Started with an assortment of breads and I was besotted with this one. Not sure what it's name was, but it sure was delicious! Crispy puff with a dusting of icing sugar. There was a thin layer of custard in it.

favourite pastry

Tried the Octopus Gallego Carpaccio from the "Tapas, Mezze and Antipasti" selection. It was a beautiful plate. Thinly sliced flattened octopus, and drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and with a scattering of herbs. Its texture was tender and only required a gentle chew. An interesting plate.

looks like art
look, how thinly sliced this was

One could walk around the stations setup inside the restaurant and pick-out your favourite cheeses, salads, or more mezze!

hi there!
my plate

From the Carving Station, one could get the Wellington Fillet and the Roasted Lamb Leg. For any roasted/baked items, the outer layer would be slightly more cooked than the center. Meat was rather lean for both the lamb and beef.

Roasted Lamb Leg, Wellington Fillet
Wellington Fillet Center view
slicing done

Wellington Fillet (beef)
slicing the lamb

There are also items served to your table during the Christmas Brunch, such as Oysters with Cava, Pizza Lobster and Prawns and Roasted Wild Range French Yellow Chicken.


Roasted Wild Range French Yellow Chicken

I must say that the roasted wild range French yellow chicken was my favourite meat for that day. Natural flavours with some super tender meat and lovely aroma from the skin. The skin was lightly brushed with truffle butter. The roasted potatoes was a crowd favourite and I particularly liked its wrinkled skin.

look at those juicy flesh

Take a break from all the meats and hear the oohs and ahhs, when the Pizza Lobster and Prawns is served. Succulent and well cooked prawns and lobster meat on pizza integlia alla romana.

Pizza Lobster and Prawns
front view

And, of course there would be dessert. The festivities would not be complete without some Panettone!

cheese for dessert
dessert galore

lemon cake
chocolate tart, yoghurt cake and berries cake

The chocolate tart was excellent with its rich dark chocolate flavour on light crust. The yoghurt cake was surprisingly good too and best paired with a cup of coffee.

The Deal

The Christmas Brunch: $78+ with soft drinks and $98+ with Prosecco and Chianti. 
Kids aged 8 to 12 enjoy the special price of $35+. Kids below the age of 8 years dine free. 

The Promo

For my dear readers, remember to quote "Purple Taste" when making your reservations for Christmas Brunch at Roots and you'll receive a complimentary bottle of Prosecco to take home. Cheers!

quote "Purple Taste" when making your reservation!

For reservations, please call +65 6463 4206 or email

Roots Mediterranean

Address: 2 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore (289189)
Contact: 6463 4206
Reservation: Hungrygowhere
Business Hours:
Mon-Thu: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5-10:30pm
Fri-Sun: 11:30am-10:30pm

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