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[Media Invite] GO Noodle House (GNH) 有间面馆 @ 313 Somerset

From across the causeway, GO Noodle House has made its way into the heart of Orchard. Located at basement of 313 Somerset, GNH uses a special family recipe for its superior fish bone broth.

what would you like to have?

Have you tried their signature bursting pork meatball in superior broth with mi xian? The meatballs though had a dense exterior, its inside was bouncy and moist. The broth was indeed of a superior taste. The mi xian (米线) or rice noodles (looked like thick bee hoon) was done in Jiangxi province-style. The smooth strands of noodles were slippery and slurp worthy.

 Signature bursting meatball (pork) in superior broth with mi xian @$10.90++
mi xian 米线

Interesting to note that hua tiao wine (花雕酒) would be added to the broth when served. GNH has their own bottled hua tiao wine for customers to purchase and store on-site, so that you could add as much to the broth as you like!

hua tiao wine 花雕酒

For the noodles, the 5-years hua tiao wine is typically used. Had a taste of the 10-years hua tiao and it had stronger herb flavours when sipped slowly.

10 years hua tiao

To accompany the noodles, one could order fried snacks to munch as well. We tried the five spice meat roll (ngoh hiang), crispy fu chuk (fried beancurd skin), and gold coin bak kwa. The fu chuk was a tad oily but it was full of flavours! Loved the well fried treats!

Trio Platter (five spice meat roll, crispy fu chuk, gold coin aka bak kwa) @$12.90++
look at those skin!

Order up a bowl of handmade fish paste in superior soup if you want an unadulterated taste of the broth. More umami! The fish paste texture was surprisingly softer than anticipated.

Handmade fish paste in superior broth @$11.90++

For something 'meatier', go for the latest item in the menu; Fresh frog (田鸡) in superior soup with bee hoon. This was my favourite bowl. The meat was sweet, and the flavourful soup (loved the sliced bittergourd) was well absorbed by the thin bee hoon. Perfect combo!

Fresh (whole) frog (田鸡) in superior soup with bee hoon @$12.90++
thin rice vermicelli (bee hoon) - best pairing with the soup

For the beef lovers, you could try the Trio beef combo (premium beef slice, beef tendon & beef ball) with mi xian. The beef balls tasted rustic while the beef slices was lightly poached and flavourful. Wonder if it was marinated prior. The basil leaves added a refreshing touch to the beefy bowl.

Trio beef combo (premium beef slice, beef tendon & beef ball) with mi xian @$13.90++
loaded with ingredients

If you don't fancy the noodles soup (but why?!), you could try the Hakka sauce homemade noodles with century egg. In fact, I'd recommend the Hakka sauce noodles. It was that good.

This was my first time seeing century egg on a plate of noodles. There are fried lardo bits, shallots, minced pork, black fungus, and anchovies in there. Mix it well, and you'll get a plate of super flavourful noodles that had a hint of sesame oil to it. This plate was well liked by the group.

Hakka sauce homemade noodles with century egg @$9.90++
toss it well

Thirsty? Get a cup of the sweet and cooling dates wolfberry tea. I got the iced version.

dates wolfberry tea @$2++

Next, we also sampled a spicy noodles; the double bursting fishball (fish roe) in homemade spicy soup with thin bee hoon. The fishball had a gooey centre of fish roe. One needs to be careful when biting into this as its center would still be hot. I can't pinpoint the flavours of the spicy soup and it was probably just 0.5 out of 5 in the spice level. Not to worry as their house chili dip was really good and got kick. Just pour some of this over the noodles to enjoy a level up in spice!

Double bursting fishball (fish roe) in homemade spicy soup with bee hoon @$14.90++
hidden treasure inside
house chili dip

Thank you Tiara for the invite and GO Noodle House for hosting the tasting. My favourite bowls are the fresh (whole) frog in superior soup with bee hoon, the hakka noodles and the signature bursting meatballs.

GO Noodle House

Address: 313 Orchard Rd, #B3-37/38, 313@Somerset 238895
Contact: 6363 5323
Business Hours:
Mon to Sun: 10am – 10pm


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