Sunday, August 23, 2015

Whisk & Paddle @ Tebing Lane

Tebing Lane is at the 'other' part of the world for someone who lives in the west. Located all the way in far-away Punggol for us westies. This was our last stop during one of the cafe hopping weekend. and I must say, the cafe has some very pretty table-tops. Choose those tables for instant 'chio' backdrop for the food.

Disclaimer: Our group got a plain black coloured glass table-top.

This place also has a corner where children can play while parents enjoy their coffees.

 After having way too much coffee and the sun was burning down on us, decided to have cold non-caffeinated drinks instead. Thatcher's Rose cider for $18 per bottle. They do have quite an extensive alcoholic drinks in the menu ranging from beer, ciders, wine, cocktails, whiskies and cocktails.

rose cider

Feel free to have a look at its desserts counter. The chocolate fudge cake was calling out to us. Resistance is futile.
how about a slice of cake?

Ordered a couple of items to share.

cheesecake with berries compote @$6
warm chocolate fudge cake @$6 (with single scoop ice-cream $10.50)

The cheesecake was rather light, and I think I had forgotten to sample the berries compote. Haha! The fudge cake looked really good. Liked those chocolatey gooey goodness. Of course, two is not enough. We had some waffles as well.

Tropical Brulee @$13.50
Only half a waffle though. The chocolate waffle was of the crispy kind. Ice-cream on waffles, what's there not to like? The caramelized banana was pleasant.

For people who lives around the area, Whisk & Paddle seemed like a nice place to visit on weekends and there's ample parking.


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