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Greendot @ Paya Lebar Square

My colleague, whom does not eat meat by choice, had mentioned Greendot before. She liked the food there. That piqued my interest to find out more on what Greendot offers. There are currently two branches; one at Westgate and another at Paya Lebar Square. Convenient for both Westies and Easties. From what I know, the outlet at Westgate sees queues of customers on a daily basis. Quite popular!

healthy balanced meal

Greendot uses quality fresh ingredients and wants to make eating "green" fun, accessibile and affordable. "Eat Green, Feel Good" is its motto. In Singapore, it is heartening to see that there are now more meatless options available. Together with other foodies, we were invited to its Paya Lebar Square outlet to try out the dishes.

open-area seats
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For lunch, I understand that customers would usually go for its customised healthy bento rice sets. From five types of rice, simply choose one and then choose 3 dishes to go with the rice.

choose the dishes to go along with rice
Greendot has a quite a good selection of drinks to choose from. How about some tea, lovingly handpicked from the highlands of Taiwan; the Alisan tea served in a pot. Or, the refreshing and thirst quenching White Peach tea? We enjoyed both.

The Passion Dragon Fruit Green Tea (@$5.50) was so pretty and very likeably sweet. This one was served ala bubble tea style, which was packed sealed to-go.

Alisan Oolong tea (in a pot) and white peach tea (sweetened)

For single pax diner, if you don't feel like having bento rice set, there are other options available. For example, the surprisingly good chicken, err, Lion's Mane Mushroom burger. The texture was right, and it tasted good. Will opt without the fries.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Burger @$8.90 ala-carte (or, $11.80 set with fries and salad)

If you'd like something more Asian, no worries. Try its Signature Rendang Rice Bowl. Plenty of greens (julienned cucumber and carrots), lettuce and broccoli, and one can't go wrong with mushrooms (sauteed and rendang). That rendang sauce, is something that I'd go back for. Again, the 'meat' in the rendang is the lion's mane mushroom. Delicious indeed.

Signature Rendang Rice Bowl @$9.50
Did you say that you prefer noodles? How about a bowl of laksa? The experience was complete as the laksa noodles tasted like it should, with all its 'lemakness' glory! It's one of those Chef's Recommended dishes. Couldn't agree more!

Laksa Noodles @$5.90
For those whom preferred a non-spicy noodles, Greendot also offers Herbal Noodles. Heard that it is one of its popular noodle dishes too! The soup has a strong herbal taste that's fragrant. Very soothing bowl of soup. The mock 'fishballs' and 'prawns' had interesting textures and that made it felt somewhat more 'authentic'.

Herbal Noodles @$7.90

If you are in a group of 4, then you may want to try Greendot's Mushroom Pot for 4 pax. In this set, one could choose two soup base options, comes with plenty of greens and mushrooms, plus that yummy side dish; that included a small portion of lion mane's rendang, fruits and a pot of tea. Oh, don't forget about rice. Each one gets one bowl of rice and one could choose out of 5 rice options. Spoilt for choice, indeed.

Mushroom Pot for 4 pax @$59.90

Loved the laksa pot. Liked my rice doused with laksa soup! The dried beancurd cooked till soft in laksa soup was so yums! That pile of greens would certainly boost our daily required servings of vegetables.

my love for laksa soup kept bubbling over~
Emperor Rice, Sesame Rice and Five Treasure Rice - which is your favourite?

For desserts, we sampled the Osmanthus Jelly. By far, this was the most Q osmanthus jelly that I've came across. Filled with dried osmanthus flakes and quality wolfberries (goji berries) that has subtle sweetness in them.

Osmanthus Jelly @$3.50

All in all, had enjoyed our Greendot experience where simple delicious food is made with quality ingredients, with care. Expect fresh greens, mushrooms, soya products, konnyaku; cooked fresh into homely tasty meals for customers to enjoy.

Special thanks to Greendot for hosting the dinner, and to Shannon and Hence, for the invite. Thank you Justin, Yong Hong and the crew of Greendot for taking care of us.

Greendot @ Paya Lebar Square

Location: 60 Paya Lebar Road, #02-15/16/17 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
Telephone: +65 67022221


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