Sunday, January 29, 2012

Siaw Kah Spicy Soup (萧家辣汤) @ Sungai Chua, Kajang

My dad had always wanted to try this restaurant, so by chance, we went there for dinner as the original place that we wanted to visit looked packed and it was raining cats and dogs that evening.

The menu has limited items but I guessed most people are here for the spicy soup. So, ordered one pot meant for 2 pax (@RM10++ per pax). Also ordered claypot tofu, fried kang kong, and 炸肉 (zha bak in Hokkien, literally meant deep fried pork but its really pork cooked with black fungus in soy sauce).

tofu, fried kang kong and zha bak (behind)
spicy soup (chicken and pig innards)

The star attraction should be the spicy soup (restaurant's namesake), but I found it pretty ordinary. Just lots of peppery taste. A claypot meant for 2 pax, gives about a small bowl of soup for 4-5 people.

garlic and chili padies dip for the soupy stuffs
zha bak

Instead, the most tasty dish was the zha bak. Flavourful and big chunks of meat. Goes along well with steamed white rice. Oily dish, but worth the calories. Loved the black fungus too.

The waitresses are not the friendliest people here but they are functional. For tea refills, it is self-service.

hot water dispenser is located near the kitchen

The meal costs about RM70++ and fed a family of 5.

In Singapore, there is a stall in Yew Tee's food court (the one at the basement of Yew Tee Point) that sells 辣汤. Similar peppery soup but with slightly different ingredients. The foodcourt stall's version has golden mushrooms, no intestines (replaced with pig's stomach) and deep fried beancurd skin.


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