Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crystal Jade Dining In @ Vivocity

Located at Level 1 of Vivocity. Walked in on a weekday lunch, and managed to get a seat within a minute. Shared a long table with others. Came for their dim sum. Ordered a pot of tea to go along with the meal.

table setting

Peanuts is already on the table, and it costs $3++. So, if you don't want it, do let the service staff know. But I guess most customers don't mind munching it. The wasabi flavoured nuts was the best of the lot.

dreamy looking cup of tea...

Ordered the meat platter (2 types of meat @$20++); roasted duck and pork. The rest of the dim sum arrives in succession, one after the other within minutes except for the siew mai and char siew buns which took longer to arrive.

table (full) of dim sum items

The carrot cake (3 pieces) looked pretty and tasted good. But I find that the texture was a bit too soft.

carrot cake (萝卜糕)

Next, was the 'Mushroom with Goose Liver Sauce Dumpling'. Was feeling adventurous, so ordered this. Was thinking more along the lines of xiao long bao (小笼包) that type but this was proven to be untrue when the dish arrived. Turns out, to be looking more like a har gao skin those type.

mushroom with goose liver sauce dumpling
shrooms and more shrooms!

It's actually quite 'dry', and can't really tell what sauce it uses because there weren't really any sauce. So that was quite a misnomer. Has loads of mushrooms though. This is one dumpling that I won't order again.

The meat platter was next.

roasted pork and duck
star dish; roasted pork with crackling skin and tender meat

The roasted pork tasted as good as it looked. Crispy crackling skin (can still hear the crunch), with soft tender meat. Dab a bit of mustard sauce, yums!

duck skin

thin layer of skin

The duck was alright, depending on which part of the meat that you get. As long as it's not the bone part, the meat was quite tender and the skin fairly crispy. But nothing compares to the roasted pork.

The deep fried prawn roll with mango came out looking different from expectation. Thought it would be more like popiah kind of skin, but instead, it was a softer kind of skin and coated with lots of sesame seeds.

deep fried prawn roll with mango

To fill up the tummy, we had the char siew buns. Soft fluffy pillowy white buns steaming hot with sweet lean pork fillings. What is there not to like?

steamed char siew buns

lean char siew filling (蜜汁叉烧包)

Lastly, was the siew mai. Packed with minced meat and prawns. The siew mai here is likeable but come to think of it, the price of one single piece of siew mai is about $1.20++ each. Wow.

makes a pretty picture, yes?

stuffed to the max, just like our stomachs...

Although we ordered just 5 dim sum items, and one meat platter, it was very very filling meal! Total bill came up to about $56 and fed 2 ladies.


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