Monday, January 30, 2012

Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt @ Mendaling Street, Kajang

Located at the back of Jalan Mendaling, near the temple. Usually packed during the evenings. So go early, like around 6pm to get a table.

We ordered the black black hokkien mee, yuen yong (wet hor fun with deep fried beehoon), paku (ferns) vegetables, and fried chicken wings (normal style or you can opt for butter or salted egg style).

black black hokkien mee

yuen yong (鸳鸯)

The noodles, we ordered for 2 pax portions each and it can feed a family of 5 comfortably. The hokkien mee was very tasty (with enough wok fire taste) and laden with fried lard. The hor fun was doused in sauce and the crispy deep fried bee hoon disappeared/integrated within the sauce. Yummy.

paku vegetables with small anchovies

deep fried chicken wings

The vegetables was interesting. First time having ferns. Usual vegetable options are sweet potato leaves, kai lan, broccoli etc. The ferns were crunchy and yet, tender at the same time. Like eating young shoots. Suitable to be eaten with hot steamed rice because it was quite salty.

The deep fried chicken wings were quite simple tasting. Marinated with tumeric, salt and coated with flour or something similar tasting to KFC powder and deep fried. Just like what homecooked food of the early days (古早味) would've tasted like. Thought they would've special chili sauce for the wings but was given regular chili sauce instead. Hmm. Those watery kind of chili sauce would've been ideal.

According to my parents, this makan place is quite popular. Yup, can see from the bustling crowd at the time of our visit. It gets busier closer to 7pm.

The noodles (2 pax portions) goes for RM11, while the chicken wings and vegetables were around RM15 each.


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