Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Afresco Gusto @ ION Orchard

Located at Level 1 of ION Orchard. Went there during pre-dinner hours. Was hot and humid that day, so ordered some soda to cool down. At first, wanted to drink cider but they don't have any that day. Bummer.

Peachy Go (grenadine syrup, peach syrup, a cherry and limone gelato)

Quench Me (elderflower, cucumber, limone gelato and not sure what else)

The "Quench Me" (had a sip), was sweet and quite refreshing. My "Peachy Go" tasted more like cherries. Also ordered a Caesar Salad (with additional salmon, so supplement another $6++) and Mozzarella Balls to munch. The menu doesn't have fries, otherwise, would've ordered that instead.

top: Caesar Salad with salmon, bottom: Mozzarella Balls

Liked the colourful caesar salad. The salad leaves were fresh and nicely chilled. The shredded (or rather minced?) hard boiled eggs here seemed more for decorative purpose as it was too finely shredded to leave any impact on the tastebud.

closer view

Smoked salmon wasn't too salty, so that was nice. But, they should just do away with the soggy croutons.

Mozzarella Balls with tomato sauce dip

The Mozzarella Balls were enjoyable. Eat it with the dip, as the sweet and sour taste of the tomatoes gives a welcome contrast to the heaviness of the cheese and oil (deep fried). Perhaps this dish is more suited if one is drinking alcohol. Got quite 'jelak' towards the last few balls...

cheesy goodness with a dash of tomato sauce

Prices are on the higher side, and our total bill came up to about $69 for 3 pax.


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