Monday, January 9, 2012

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Scotts Square

Located at Level 3 of the spanking new Scotts Square. This restaurant is one of the few that bustles with activity. Went there for dinner on a Sunday evening.

interesting patterns on the wall mirror

wet towel chargeable @30cents each

 Ordered some dishes to eat with rice. Currently, they have a $1 soup promo (opening promotion), so we got that for each of us. Serving size is for 1 pax each.

$1 chicken soup

The soup tasted quite mild. Perhaps it was just lightly seasoned. Salt shaker is provided prior to serving the soup. There were some tiny bits of chicken meat in the soup. Warmed our tummies on a cold night.

Next, was the crispy cuttlefish with salt and pepper.

crispy cuttlefish with salt and pepper

It's actually cuttlefish coated with flour and deep fried. The cuttlefish was fresh and not overcooked. Had the impression that this dish would be similar to the salt and pepper chicken (Taiwanese snack) but it certainly bore no resemblance whatsoever to that.

closer view

We didn't really wait till all dishes arrived. It was devoured as soon as it reached our table. So it somewhat felt like a 4 course dinner.

Then, the fish maw, cucumber with oyster mushroom arrived. Supposedly our 'vegetable' for the night.

fish maw (the squid looking thingy), cucumber and oyster mushroom

The fish maw wasn't those usual deep fried fishmaw that's usually cooked braised with pork ribs or in soups. It came looking like a sliced up squid strips. This was our most expensive dish @$16.80++. Were there any oyster mushrooms in there? Thought those looked more like the Japanese brown enoki mushrooms. Enjoyable dish but not wow.

Roasted duck was up next.

roasted duck
plum sauce

The duck was rather chewy that night, unfortunately. Perhaps, roasted pork would fare better than this.

For desserts, my friends had red bean paste and mango pudding. I was too stuffed to eat anymore!

red bean paste and mango pudding (milk in separate container)

closer view of mango pudding

This meal costs about $65 (inclusive of taxes and a pot of chrysanthemum tea) and enough to feed 3 pax.


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