Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar @ 10 Winstedt Road

Located at about 10 minutes walk from Newton MRT... that is if you weren't lost like me. Hahaa, if you see Peck Hay Road or lots of condominiums, then need to turn back towards Newton Circus and straight towards the Cairnhill Community Club. Along the way, should pass by a kindergarten. Cross the road and you'll see signboard indicating Winstedt Road. Walk somemore till pass by Anglo Chinese School and you'll a building with fences, and probably some cars parked by its road side.

fence outside Skyve

Its alfresco dining area is really the first thing you see when entering the compound.

outdoor and indoor seatings

We were seated outdoors and it was a large wooden table with benches for seats. The menu looks like a university final year report. Flip the menu, and you'll find abstract, and whatever not inside.

menu cover
clever play
more bombastic words with funny content

My friends were enjoying a basket of truffle fries because I was late. Tried some and it was good. Crispy on its outside and nicely soft inside.

frites (photo taken when near finishing!)

Happy hour or as they prefer it here, the Skyving Hour, lasts until 8pm. Draughts beer like Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, goes for $5 per half pint. After Skyving hour, it's $10++ for half pint.

beer to quench thirst

Ordered chicken wings, squid ink spaghetti and seafood pizza to share.

squid ink spaghetti (@$30++)

seafood pizza (@$20++)

The squid ink spaghetti was yummy! Fresh baby squids that squirts out juice when popped into the mouth. Lots of sauce for the spaghetti and tasted pretty creamy. Not too salty and noodles not undercooked. Nice.

The pizza is rectangular shaped with about 6 strips that's good for two to three bites each. Crust was pretty thin but only the edges were crispy. The middle part of the pizza were quite soggy as it absorbed most of the sauce. Ample ingredients, tasted fresh prawns but thought it had chicken or was it tuna on it. Can't remember but if it's just seafood, then should be tuna? Tomato based sauce.

Chicken wings was quite small in size and by definition of 6 pieces, it was actually just 3 whole chicken wings with the wing part and drumlets separated. Smells like prawn paste chicken but very pricey (@$12++) for its portion. Can skip this and order the frites instead.

Decided to try the desserts, so we ordered the Ivory Dome and Choc Fondant (need to wait 15 minutes but it was actually longer...)

Ivory Dome

Choc Fondant

The Ivory Dome is actually white in colour. Too dark and was using the tealight, so it turned out quite yellowish in the picture. My friends likened this to a big ferrero roche. Outside is white chocolate (sweet), decorated with pistachio bits and inside has a small ball of passion fruit sorbet (I think). The fruit seen in the picture was mango.

Ivory Dome with passionfruit sorbet

The chocolate fondant was nice, but it's ain't no lava cake. The vanilla ice-cream that came with it was nice.

The bill came up to $178 (incl. 3.5 pint of beer in total) for all the food and drinks, and fed 3 pax.

For coffee at Skyve, you may wish to click here.


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