Thursday, January 12, 2012

The House of Robert Timms @ Wheelock Place

Located at Level 1 of Wheelock Place, and very visible from the main road. Visited for lunch, and was fascinated by their all-day breakfast.

Walked in, and got ourselves a seat. The place was pretty relaxed on a weekday.

pardon for the super blurry shot of the bar counter

Service was very friendly, and attentive too. Water is served here, and the service crew will come by once in a while to refill without the customer having to ask for it. Good!

iced water


three way toast (there's an extra tomato here 'coz my friend dumped it on my plate!)

Had the '3-Way Toast' which consists of some greens (leaves and cucumber slices), a tomato (served warm), sausage (sliced), mushrooms and poached egg with turkey breast ham on toast and drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

The plate looks so pretty with vibrant colours!



poached egg

oozing out!

Everything looked perfect. Well, almost... The bread is those rustic kind, but it wasn't buttered. Would've preferred the less healthy version of white bread buttered and toasted so that the butter will melt into the bread. And when the yolk oozed out and make contact with buttered toast surface, then it'll be a much tastier version!

The tomato is one whole tomato au naturel, and was just warm. Probably need a little more time in the oven and a slight drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt?

The mushroom was good and the poached egg consistency was just right. Didn't like the sausage though. It was a rather coarse type of sausage.

This plate was quite filling and somewhat 'healthy' tasting lunch. Am quite amazed if one can still eat desserts after this!

Costs slightly above $15 (inclusive of tax).


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