Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hainan Tea Garden @ Cheras

Air-conditioned kopitiams (cafes) seemed to have sprouted like mushrooms in my hometown. There's Old Town, Hailam Kopitiam and Paparich in Kajang alone! My dad likes these places so I've visited those with him, and the most recent one, Hainan Tea Garden at a shopping mall in Cheras.

glossy menu with nice pictures

Fill in the order chit and press a device on the table and a service staff will come and attend to you.

press and wait

My dad ordered chicken rice, brother wants a chicken hor fun, mom is having chicken chop while sis wants a chicken cutlet. Note that you can actually request for the chicken parts. Dad and bro wanted steamed chicken drumstick. For me, I wasn't feeling hungry, so just ordered toasted bread with kaya and butter with a cup of coffee.

Chicken rice was pretty normal but the chili sauce was quite good. Had some problems with the hor fun order though. At first, after waiting for 10 minutes, the service staff informed us that they ran out of steamed chicken drumstick. So we changed that to roasted chicken drumstick. Then, after another 5 minutes, another service crew came over and told us that they ran out of hor fun. Whoa! So finally, my bro had wanton noodles soup with roasted chicken drumstick instead.

chicken chop

chicken cutlet

The chicken cutlet was ok, with tender meat but it lacked flavour. The chicken chop fared a little better in flavour but its meat was tougher. The black pepper sauce for chicken cutlet was rather lumpy. Too much flour?

toasted bread with kaya and butter (@RM3.50++)

The coffee that I had costs as much as the toasted bread. Hahaa. The bread was nice although stingy on that slab of butter and the kaya was spread a little too thin.

Total cost of the meal inclusive of drinks came up to RM79 for 5 pax. Good idea to check the bill before payment because we were initially charged for chicken hor fun and chicken wanton noodles. Likely a genuine mistake as the order were changed a couple of times due to the kitchen running out of certain ingredients.


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