Saturday, February 18, 2012

The House of Robert Timms @ Wheelock Place Part II

Revisited again on a Thursday night for a post-dinner coffee and some dessert. The place was still lively even though it was already past 10pm.

coffee menu and cakes on display

Ordered the sticky date pudding, one hazelnut latte and a piccolo latte.

sticky date pudding
closer view

Our order of sticky date pudding came pretty fast. It was served warm and with vanilla ice-cream that has a sprinkling of raisins. The warm and soft texture of the cake was nice. More sauce would be nicer too. The ice-cream was a tad too sweet for me.

cute bunny in my cup of piccolo latte

According to Wiki, piccolo latte is also known as caffe macchiato or 'espresso stained with milk'. It's a small small cup. Tasted thick, milky and slightly bitter. Had a taste of the hazelnut latte and it was really fragrant and very milky.

can you bear to drink this? heh heh

Total costs was about $26.


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