Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Rotisserie @ China Square Food Centre

Located at Telok Ayer Street. Visited on a weekday night and indoor seats were speckled with patrons. Plenty of outdoor seats unoccupied. My friend has been raving about this place since maybe forever, so guess that's enough reason to warrant a visit.

There are menu boards at the cashier, as well as near the big table towards the back of the shop. It's generally self-service, so order and pay at the cashier first, then go towards the food area to collect your order. The prices listed on board are nett price. From observation, most people who were there that night, had chicken.

tables for large groups
nearer to the back of the shop
paper napkin

For the sake of variety, I had the pork knuckles (half portion @$16), and a glass of Yalumba Sauvignon Blanc (@$7). My friend, of course, got her all time favourite de-facto quarter chicken (@$10) and a pot of Pearl of the Orient tea (@$4).

hey, who drank my wine? nah..'twas no one, it just came in this size

One can choose either the hot side dish or the cold side dish. The hot side dishes options are mashed potato, corn, peas or cauliflower. The cold side dishes include coleslaw, potato salad, pasta, and rocket leaves with basil and cherry tomatoes.

I had the potato salad and rocket leaves for my sides, and my friend had cauliflower, mashed potato and corn. Yeap, apparently one can choose not two but three sides from the hot counter.

pork knuckles (half) with potato salad and rocket leaves drizzled with balsamic vinegar
closer view

You'll get a whole lot of meat (and fats as well) with that half portion of knuckles. Unfortunately, the skin wasn't crackling that night, and the amount of meat was just a little too much for me. Perhaps, it'll be better if it can be shared but my friend was just not interested in pork knuckles. She was totally focused on the chicken. I got a little 'jelak' after a while of chewing through half the meat.

On its own, the pork knuckles were kinda juicy. Its meat solid and chewy and can be considered tender (not meltingly soft tender though). But still had some difficulty cutting the meat at times using the butter knife due to the fats surrounding the meat.

The Yalumba wine was light and provided some respite from the heaviness of the meat. Oh, and don't forget the mustard. That too gave it some variety in taste.

quarter chicken with mashed potato, corn and cauliflowers

tender chicken

My friend really loves the chicken. She has declared that she'll be back in two weeks time to eat this again. I had a bite of it, and the chicken meat was fork tender but the skin was a little salty though. Nice and a quarter chicken with that much of side dish can last you a long way, and all that for just $10. Probably, that's the draw.


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