Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Merry Men @ 86 Robertson Quay

Located at Robertson Quay, this place is quite near EM by the River (separated by a short underpass looking pathway). If you're at The Quayside, just walk towards Filter and EM, and abit more up after EM, and you should be able to find the place.

Made a reservation prior to visit ('coz it's a Friday!) but unfortunately, they lost the reservation. Not sure why also. So waited for a while, and they managed to get a table for my friends who were there early. I actually lost my way, so only managed to join them at 8pm.

We chose outdoor seats, facing the river view. They have three types of beer on draught, but my friends were quite taken with Mac's Great White Cloudy Wheat beer (New Zealand). We also got the Asahi Happy Hour promo of buy 3 bottles and get 1 free.

Asahi Happy Hour
super dry
everyone seems to be a pure blonde
except for one on our table, who got a red rock

I  chose a cider drink. They have Kopparberg Strawberry and Elderflower (from Sweden). Tried both and liked both. Elderflower is more refreshing while strawberry flavoured ones reminds me of those strawberry lollipop with swirls of pink. Nice.

lovely sweet strawberry cider, yums

light and refreshing

Food. We need food! Ordered a squid ink pasta (tagliatelle), bangers and mash and half dozen buffalo wings to share.

squid ink pasta

The squid ink pasta here can be described in one word: minimalist. Really. Just pasta, a few prawns (3 pieces) and some cherry tomatoes. That's it. Tasted like olive oil and a little sourish (probably from a dash of lime, or something).

tagliatelle and prawn

My friends voted the pasta as the best dish for our table. The bangers and mash is most expensive dish amongst our order, @$24 for 2 pieces of plump looking sausages, 2 pieces of onion rings, some mashed potatoes, a handful of greens and some shrooms. That's it. Ok ok, of course one of the sausage was a Kurobuta "Toulouse" and the darker one, a wagyu beef sausage.

bangers and mash
two types of sausages: Kurobuta "toulouse" and wagyu beef

I think I prefer the kurobuta. Oh, wait. I only had one slice of the wagyu 'coz it was eaten up by the rest of my friends. No wonder, I only remembered the pork sausage.... We were hungry.

The buffalo wings, tasted like fusion. A little bit coconut'ey on its red sauce and it tasted good with the blue cheese dip. But the wings 'aint juicy though.

buffalo wings with blue cheese dip

closer view

The good thing about this place is, all prices are nett. No gst, service charge whatsoever. The service crew were quite friendly, and our orders were taken quite promptly as soon as they're able to come by. Opens till 2am on Friday nights. Chill and relax with close friends.

we had 2 jugs of Great White (@$36 per jug and serves about 4 glasses), so drink up drink up!

There were four of us and we spent about $50 per pax. Currently, if paying via OCBC credit card, you'll get 10% off.


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