Sunday, March 4, 2012

Din Tai Fung @ Serangoon NEX

Located at Level B1, this expanse of an eatery was not difficult to locate. As usual, approach the counter for a number, and you'll get an order chit to tick off the items that you'd like to order. In this manner, they could process your order as soon as you get a table. Waiting time here was just 5 minutes during Sunday lunch hour.

chinese tea

As usual, ordered the vegetarian appetiser, xiao long bao's (minced pork and vegetable half a dozen each), chicken soup, fried rice and deep fried pork cutlet.

appetiser of beancurd strips, glass noodles and beansprouts

chicken soup and pork cutlet

Chicken soup was wholesome and light. I've heard so much about the pork cutlet of Din Tai Fung, but it was just alright. In fact, it tasted pretty mild. The meat was quite lean as well.

Must have orders for most tables? Likely the 小笼包 dumplings.

vegetable dumplings
waiting to be devoured
quite a pretty colour inside

The vegetable dumplings were quite tasty, and I did like those vibrant green colours too. But, give me the original, anytime. Minced pork dumplings, served hot and oozing with soup. Best eaten with ginger and vinegar.

pour this onto the ginger plate

minced pork dumpling, looking delicate

bursting with goodness

Our tea was topped up frequently, automatically. The service staff was alarmingly polite! She'd be informing us that she's here to top up the tea, and after she's done, she'd asked us to enjoy our meal. Never fails to repeat the same procedure everytime that she was at our table, which I'd say probably 5-6 times? Wow.


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