Friday, March 9, 2012

Ochre @ Ochard Central

Located at Level 11 at the roof garden. Look out for the lifts that service the odd levels, otherwise the other lift will just bring you to Level 10. Made reservations to celebrate a friend's birthday. The place was quite relaxed on a weekday evening.

open kitchen and interior

Has read much about the food at Ochre and actually wanted to try the Doppio Carpaccio (Hokkaido scallop with parma prosciutto) and the Fegato Grasso (foie gras on brioche), both dishes found in the menu at its website. 

Imagine my surprise while browsing the restaurant's printed menu that not only both items are not available, most of the dishes in the menu is different from its online version! *gasps* The set dinner was stated as $68+ online but it's now priced at $75+.

Upon enquiry, the service staff said that Chef Kentaro Torii has left the establishment and is now replaced by a new chef from Milan, hence the menu revamp. He acknowledges that their website is outdated and many customers had expressed their surprise at that as well.

Was definitely disappointed but decided to give this place a try anyway, since we're already seated. Take note that Happy Hour (till 8pm) is only applicable at the bar lounge and not inside the restaurant. The revamped menu has a lot of items with beef in it but my friend doesn't take beef. It took us quite a while to decide on what to eat, so meanwhile, we munched on the bread.

complimentary bread basket

Decided to order the grilled octopus salad as appetiser, an Arborio risotto as our main, and a classic tiramisu for dessert. I had a glass of Rossini as well.

Rossini (prosecco with strawberry)
after stirring

The Rossini tasted quite light with slight bitterness. 

interesting looking charcoal stick but the brown stick was nicer

The soft bread was quite nice, especially the one with the onions at its crust.

char-grilled octopus salad

strange tasting octopus

The appetiser looked quite alright and it has avocado and rocket leaves, all lovingly drizzled with balsamic vinegar, but one bite of the octopus proved otherwise. It tasted quite funky, as though as it had been simmered in vinegar for far too long. Definitely doesn't taste fresh. Enquired with one of the service staff and he said that no one else had complained about the octopus. However, he offered to exchange it with another dish, and had this one sent back to the kitchen. Appreciate the flexibility.

We racked our brains and tried to choose a new item but failed. Can say that we were quite apprehensive about the food now, especially after experiencing the first dish. The service staff came by 10 minutes later and was utterly shocked when we told him that we couldn't find anything to eat from the menu since my friend doesn't take beef and quite a number of dishes in the menu is somewhat associated with beef... He suggested quail with risotto cake and we decided to trust him on that.

quail with risotto cake

closer view

first time trying a 'risotto cake'

The quail (wrapped with bacon) with risotto cake certainly had vibrant colours. It actually tasted quite nice. The charred bits of the risotto cake was extra flavourful. Thought the quail was a tad salty but that's probably due to the bacon.

The eating pace was very leisurely and after we had finished the appetiser, someone did come by to ask us if we're ready to fire the main dish.

The arborio risotto was quite interesting. Served with lots of escargot and some prawns, and it has a poached egg as well. The cheese that was sitting ontop of the poached egg was really nice. Salty, crunchy and cheesy. The risotto was done al-dente, and hence it gave an impression of slight undercook rice. Probably the rice was meant to be of this texture, soft but not overly and still with a bite.

Arborio Risotto with escargot (@$32+)

closer view

The risotto flavours were mild, pleasant and not too cheesy, and the escargot was rather nicely cooked. Soft and chewy but not rubbery.

The dessert was decidedly safe. Sweet and fluffy.


soft, wet and airy

The prices here are on the high side, but there's no service charge. Currently, there's a 20% discount (on ala-carte food items) if you're paying via DBS credit card.

Two of us ladies shared this 3-course meal and we went home feeling quite full.


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