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7adam @ 7 Adam Park

Located at 7 Adam Park, this place was not difficult to find. If you're taking public transport, bus #855 will bring you to its nearest bus stop which is either before or after the Japanese Association, depending on which direction you're coming from. Otherwise, if travelling by car, you'll pass by Singapore Bible College and take the second Adam Park turning on the left, and voila, the restaurant cum art gallery is perched on a hilly slope.

Had made reservations, so we were led up towards the second floor, where the outdoor seats were. The evening was a little humid and warm, so had slight problem with tiny bugs in its natural surroundings. Had a nice view of grassy patch slope.

was here

outdoor seats

nice building

Happy Hour is till 8pm. 1-for-1 Sapporo draft (@13++), or a jug (@$28++), 1-for-1 housepour wines, mocktail and cocktail of the month. Had the housepour Chardonnay and it tasted light.

drinks menu

The prices here is akin to fine dining. A main course ranges between $27++ ~ $40++ per dish. The atmosphere was rather casual and relaxed, with the polite service crew within eye range but keeping a good distance away until you need their attention.

The bread basket was served upon completion of food order.

bread and butter

closer view

The bread was served warm. Has a hard crust, and while its inside was not exactly fluffy soft, it was still nice. Slather it with a generous amount of salted butter, it does makes a nice chewy snack.

Also enjoyed the amuse bouche, of raw chopped salmon with spring onions. Very very light tasting. If an amuse bouche is to act as a tingler for the taste bud and to preview the chef's approach to cooking, then I'd be inclined to think that the chef prefers simplicity.

amuse bouche

For my main, I chose the 7adam Trio, which in fact was an appetiser. Most compelling reason to choose this dish? Foie gras! Yup, it consist of crab cake, tuna loin and foie gras. First time trying foie gras that was still in one piece!

ta-dah! 7adam trio (@$27++)

That plump looking piece of foie gras was really calling out to be eaten. Its flesh quivered when sliced.

luxuriously oily

The taste was creamy and similar to tofu texture. Soft, and without any funky taste. Yummy. Next in line was the tuna loin. Quite thin slices and generously dripped with probably a thickened soy sauce. Definitely salty. But a sip of wine, balances it out again.

tuna loin
crab cake

Out of the trio, the least liked was the crab cake. Quite dry and its lasting taste? The taste of deep fried. Wasabi sauce was nice though.

The pace of dinner was a relaxed affair, and we enjoyed sips of wine and conversations amidst food intake.

housepour white wine

Let's take a look at what my dining companions had:

king prawns with mashed potatoes, in sake sauce

angel hair with dried baby shrimps
Angus tenderloin with foie gras sauce

medium rare

beef and bacon linguine?
cod fish with hollandaise sauce and pilaf rice

The pasta was kind of like aglio olio style. Tasty noodles done al-dente, but pricey for its minimalistic use of ingredients. The beef was tender and retained its natural jus, and had a simple clean taste. The king prawns, unfortunately, was overcooked. Had a nip of the cod fish, and it was good. Tender but doesn't crumble when picked up with a fork. The rice was soft, slightly compact and fragrant.

Somehow along the way, we went crazy (or drunk). How else could we explain on us ordering of almost every dessert (@$15++ each) on the menu?

chocolate fondant with caramel sauce


Feuillete with caramelized apple

Mixed fruit tart, strawberry coulis

dessert of the day, sorbet

Liked the chocolate fondant, the feuillete and the refreshing sorbet. Didn't understand nor like any of the tart and profiteroles. Both the tart and profiteroles were hard.. like rock hard.. don't know how the rest finished them up because I only had like one bite out of each and the next time I turned, they were all gone. Devoured and done with. Gosh...

Our table had two bottles of wine to go around. All in all, the entire meal costs us close to $700 in total for 9 pax. Expect to spend between $50~$80 per pax for a 3-course meal with a glass (or two) of wine.

Service was polite and friendly, and unhurried. Although officially the restaurant closing time is 11pm, the staff didn't mind waiting a little more till the last customer trickled out.


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