Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loysel's Toy @ Kampong Bugis

It was like located in a building that sprouted out of nowhere. Totally not familiar with this location, but apparently its nearest MRT is Lavender, which supposedly is about 8 minutes away.

cafe front, with bikes for rent

Visited at about evening time, near 430pm, and the place was bustling. This joint seemed to be teeming with young people. Some snappy dressers, hip and happening. The service crew are also pretty young.

Got ourselves latte from the counter, and apparently no food left on the food counters. No croissants, sandwiches, tarts nor cakes available. Enquired from the cashier and she said, nope, nothing left.

Drinks was about $4.50 for a latte. Didn't see the menu. Just anyhow ordered. Pay first and they'll bring the drinks to your table later.

bill holder

see this cup, means we were waiting for something

The latte was alright, and I'm no coffee connoiseur. The version here was quite thick and strong. But I was hungry. So, once more I asked the staff that happened to pass by whether there is seriously nothing to eat in the shop? She said maybe they've got quiche left.

Ok, quiche it is. Though I had no idea what kind of quiche I actually paid the $7 for.

quiche, huge!

That piece of quiche was HUGE! Hahaa, a hulk of a quiche! Felt like I was eating omelette pie. Think it was a sausage quiche, not quite sure. It got pretty 'jelak' after a while. Do share this, if you're having it.

The wind was howling, and it was raining cats and dogs, so we were pretty cold. Seemed right to get ourselves another cuppa of hot something.

hot chocolate, deconstructed

The hot chocolate was kinda interesting. It's practically a cup of warm milk plus a chocolate bar on a stick. Dump the bar into the milk and let the chocolate melt. Nice to play, nice to look at but didn't like the taste. The chocolate though melted, it didn't quite blend into the milk.

We got ourselves a cup of flat white, and it looks exactly the same as our first cup of latte.

deja vu?

After googling, turns out flat white is similar to latte just that the way these two are being served is different. Flat white usually served in ceramic cups while latte in taller glasses. So, essentially, both is the same thing.

Many who thronged this place would be able to tell you that it is a nice place to chill. Opens till 730pm during weekends.


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