Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro @ Robertson Walk

The place was really crowded, even on a weekday evening. The music playing was rather loud, and the atmosphere was boisterous.

table setting and menu

paper coaster

For some odd reason, I'd forgotten to look at the tapas menu. Oops. So for food, we had mushroom risotto and bangers & mash, from their regular menu.

bangers and mash

mushroom risotto

We enjoyed the bangers and mash. It has a somewhat mellowed taste. The cooked onions added sweetness to the dish. Nice.

Mushroom risotto was nicely fragrant, and had a likeable taste. However, the texture of the rice, I didn't quite like. Overall, the risotto wasn't that creamy nor  as soft as I would like. The rice was somewhat 'dry'. Quite generous with the mushrooms though.

Thirsty? There are many types of wines, beers and other drinks to choose from. Prices ranges from $6 onwards for a glass of wine. But as the night progresses, one may find that certain drinks might become unavailable. So if you see something that you like, do order it at once!

We had beer, and because we ordered later, there was only 3 types of beers (on tap) left to choose from. Tried Barbar (@$9++) and Belgien Kriek (@$6++).

Belgian Kriek (front) and Barbar (back)

The Belgian Kriek, a type of sweet fruit beer. Taste of cherry, and so it reminded me of...of all things, cough syrup! Sigh. It wasn't bad, in fact, it was quite alright, if you don't mind the subtle syrup-py flavour.

But Barbar was easily likeable, and a thirst quencher too. Sweet and has hint of honey. Leaves a bitter aftertaste though.

For desserts, we ordered the brownie. But it didn't materialise after quite some time, so we enquired again. Apparently, our friendly service crew did not place that item into our order list. The waiter informed us that the brownie will be served cold. Hmm, we prefered warm brownies with cold ice-cream though, so we ordered the apple crumble instead.

apple crumble with ice cream

The apple crumble was not too sweet, and beneath the crumble, there were lots of apple pieces. Nice end to our meal.

Total bill came up to $66 for 2 pax.


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