Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Hokkaido Fair @ Takashimaya

The fair is happening from 30 March till 8 April 2012, at Food Hall B2 of Takashimaya Department Store. Absolutely loved these fairs! Been to the one last year too! So this year, concentrated on getting stuffs that I didn't manage to try last year. Heh heh.

This year decided to get one of those freshly made bento from Kani Kobo (is it literally translated as crab factory?). Bought the seafood bento (@$24).

Seafood Bento from Kani Kobo

salmon, ikura, uni and shredded crab meat
star of this dish, was the marinated ikura
closer look on the shredded crab meat


salmon was pretty run of the mill

here's an indication of the 'depth' of the rice

The bento was enjoyable. The rice was soft and sticky, and each mouthful of rice with ikura was just another form of happiness. Pure bliss. The shredded crab meat was rather bland though, and the uni wasn't as creamy.

Next, got myself something from Petite Mervielle. Last year, I've enjoyed the pumpkin pudding, so this year got the Mel Cheese Mix (plain and pumpkin) @$18 per box of 8 pieces.

Mel Cheese Mix (Plain and Pumpkin)

inside the box

mini cheesecakes!

I liked how Japanese confectionary items are always so prettily packaged.


soft and fluffy


slightly denser and sweeter

The Mel Cheese cheesecakes were really tiny. Just two bites and it's gone! Good things don't really last, do they?

Next up, the 'Rare Cheesecake' from Komagatake Gyunyu. It was sold out last year, so this was one of the must get items for this year and went there on Day 2, so lots of bottles left.

the loot from Komagatake Gyunyu
Bokujo Rare Cheesecake (@$6)
after unwrapping

yummy cheesecake!

If you've bought the White Pudding (mascarpone cheese), then it's better if the White Pudding is eaten before having the Rare Cheesecake. The White Pudding has a much milder taste with natural sweetness and texture as bouncy as tofu. The Rare Cheesecake on the other hand, is exactly like a very dense, tasty cheesecake. Cheesecake in a tiny milk bottle is a novelty for me!

Also bought the milk chou by Maoi. Kept the milk chou inside the freezer for about 20 minutes before eating it. The fresh cream was so cold and creamy that it tasted like ice-cream! I like the chou pastry. It's similar to those cream puffs that I ate many years ago when I was still a child. Yums!

milk chou (@$3)
nice skin, nice filling
it's like eating ice-cream~

Currently, there's a sure-win lucky dip if you've spent above $50 at the fair and amongst the first 5000 customers. Not much luck though, so got the default prize of either butter candy or postcard.

butter candy?


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