Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sugisawa @ Robertson Quay, Riverside View

While looking for this place, we had walked past it unknowingly. Kind of easy to miss. It's actually located next to Shunjuu's and opposite of Harry's.

This place has quirky service level. When we first reached the restaurant at about 730pm, we were informed that all the tables inside were taken. A quick glance revealed many many empty tables. Of course, it didn't matter as alfresco dining works for us as well. Then the waitress told us to sit on any table that we liked, and so we did. Just 5 minutes later, another lady (boss?) came out and told us that our table actually was a 'reserved' table. Obviously, they do not practice placing 'reserved' signs anywhere. But perhaps the indication was, just don't sit on any tables that has sauce plate, paper towel and chopsticks already set up on the table. Probably those were the 'reservation' signs.

Anyway, we moved tables and just a minute of two later, we were told that we can move back to our original table because apparently the party that reserved the table didn't want it anymore. Err, no thanks.

menu cover

I think most locals go there for their bento. Quite reasonably priced between $16++ to $20++. My friend ordered the Sakana Teriyaki Bento, and the fish given was cod fish. Nicely priced at $19++. I wasn't feeling that hungry, so ordered a saba shioyaki (grilled mackerel with salt).

beer and lime juice
cold beer on a warm night
too bad the beer went lukewarm quite fast on a non-chilled glass

The food came pretty fast. First to arrive, the saba shioyaki. It looked nice with glistening skin with slight char. But unfortunately, the fish wasn't that good.

saba shioyaki

Next, the Sakana Teriyaki Bento.

sakana teriyaki bento (codfish)

That piece of codfish that came along with the bento was quite generous in size. Pinched half a fish, and enjoyed the plump, melt in your mouth texture. Yums.

yummy codfish
salmon and tuna slices

The total cost of the meal was $47 for two pax.


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