Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pu Tien Restaurant (莆田菜馆) @ Vivocity

Located at Level 3, within Food Republic. From what we observed, usually this place is not that crowded. Though it was part of the food court, this small corner of a restaurant has its own seating area and service crew. In fact, I felt that the service here was quite good.

table setting
appetiser of preserved vegetables (those kind usually eaten with teochew porridge)

We ordered items such as drunken cockles, braised intestines, sweet and sour squirrel fish, lor mee and dou miao (recommended by the captain).

drunken cockles(@$5.90++)

The cockles (sea hum) was really small, served cold and came with loads of garlic and drenched in light wine marinade sauce. Addictive (if you like it), but my tummy couldn't take too much of this. Can't really taste the wine though.

Next, was the braised pig intestine. There's some effort in presentation, though unnecessary as there were only a few pieces of the intestines for that dish.

braised pig intestines (@$9.90++)
closer view

The intestines were nicely tender and Q. No funky smell, and light tasting. Quite yummy, but it's just for tasting since there're 3 of us. Not enough to go around!

We liked the deep fried live squirrel fish very much! Nicely presented too. Pretty and vibrant in colour.

deep fried live squirrel fish (@$35.90++)

The fish was nicely large, and deboned. Meaty and tasty. The sauce was appetising and not overly sweet. Nice.

Forgot to take a picture of the Putien Lor Mee, but just the smallest serving size of the noodles (@$7.90++) can easily feed 3 pax! We shared amongst two ladies and each had about 3 small bowls portion. Quite a feat to finish the noodles, considering that we had other dishes to eat as well. But who's complaining? Not us!

The chili sauce on each table, was quite nice and match well with the lor mee. It added some oomph to the noodles.

chili sauce

We had a pot of tea, to aid digestion and to wash away all the oil but the dishes that we ordered weren't oily at all.

nice big teapot of pu-er, and water was filled to the brim!

Special mention, was the vegetable dish. Part of Putien's Eating Well menu, it's called braised chicken with dou miao. So imagine our surprise, when it was served. Didn't see any chicken meat, so thought it was the wrong dish....even the dou miao looked different...but the waitress verified that it was indeed what we had ordered. Hee!

braised chicken with dou miao

The dish is supposedly to be resembling 'fresh greens sprouting in a field of melting snow'. Hahaa, our plate of 'snow' probably melted way too fast? But still beautiful to look at. It tasted good and healthy. Liked the egg white blended with chicken fillet bits. The dou miao was tender and soft but not limp. Generous with the shredded dried scallops too. Yummy.

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  1. The Squirrel Fish is always one of my fav dishes there, plus the lychee pork and bee hoon of course


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