Saturday, April 21, 2012

Peperoni Pizzeria L'Estaminet @ Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park

Located at 6 Greenwood Avenue, this is a pretty cool neighbourhood bar/restaurant. Parking is free, by the roadside. Went on a Friday evening without reservation and the only seats available were the ones at the out bar counter. It's actually at the courtyard/backyard so it's open roofed. Lucky for us, it didn't rain.

This place seems popular. Young people, middle-aged, families...all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Saw many tables with the XXL (21 inch) pizza. Impressive!


our view for the night

firing up the pasta orders~

good old sturdy high chair

For food, we ordered a medium sized (9 inch) Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (parma ham and rocket leaves) and a Vongole (venus clams in white wine). And drinks, we had iced-water. If you had a chance to look at their online menu, take a look at the price of iced water. The people here do know how to joke!

iced water (free)
loved those thick paper napkins

Food arrived at about 15 minutes later.

pretty looking Prosciutto Crudo di Parma
lovingly drizzled with lots and lots of olive oil

The pizza has a very thin crust, and best to be eaten as soon as it reaches the table. The sides were still crunchy when we bit into it. Beer food!


look at those plump Venus clams~

The Vongole was really nice. Noodles done al-dente but not undercooked, not too much oil, not too salty, lots of sliced garlic and many many clams. Yummy~

didn't need any of these

The total bill came up $41 for the 2 mains. Kudos to the lady staff who attended to us. Friendly service, with a sense of humour. Thanks!


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