Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Othello's @ Greenwood Avenue

Went over to Othello's for post dinner dessert and drinks.

outside of Othello's
nice font

wine menu

Got ourselves two glasses of white wine; St. Claire (Malborough NZ) and Tyrells Moore's Creek Chardonnay (Australia).

wine by the glass

Fruity, light and mild. The white wine by the glass was priced between $10+ and $13+. We also had an apple crumble to share.

apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream

piping hot baked apple
hot apple with cold ice-cream was nice~

Ended our night with beer. 'Old Speckled Hen' on tap. Hahaa, first time trying this!

nice looking ashtray
Old Speckled Hen with foam

then, it became darker coloured

The beer tasted a tad like Kilkenny, some bitterness and smooth. Should drink it when it's all cloudy and cold. Because towards the very end, it tasted like a hint of soy sauce. Whoops, probably my taste bud went haywire!


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