Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro Robertson Walk (Part II)

Visited on a Friday night, and outdoor seating was full. The hostess was helpful in getting us indoor seats instead. As usual, the place was noisy. You'll either have to shout just to talk to someone just right in front of you. Or, couples would lean closely and whisper directly into each other's ears.

bottles and bottles of wine

Ordered a tiramisu and a warm tapas of BBQ sausages to share while waiting for our friends to arrive.

tiny cup of tiramisu

The dessert tasted more like mousse. Didn't detect any alcohol in it though. Only the center (and that's a very very small area) had the layering, due to its narrow container base.

inside view
For drinks, I had Barbar (@$9++).

Barbar makes a sweet thirst quencher

nice hue with 8% alcohol level

Here's the BBQ sausages (@$5++) from the warm tapas selection.

was it the sausages or the sauce that's homemade?

actually, I have no idea what meat went in there...

The sausages were kind of smallish. It didn't taste too bad but just not what I like. The sauce was not much help either.

Probably the outdoor seats were in higher demand as the noise level outside can be considered lower than the indoor area. We were at this place because the Wine Connection Bistro was fully packed and they don't practice waiting list. However, the other place began to ease out when it was over 11pm. The only catch, no more food at Wine Connection Bistro at that hour.


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