Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PS. Cafe @ Harding Road, Dempsey

The previous time that we wanted to have dessert, it was running on full house. This time round, went on a weekday and could get a table without any fuss. Liked their decor.

There was a smell lingering in the air within the indoor area which I couldn't quite put my finger on. Anyway, we were seated outdoor, and the diners seated indoor didn't look bothered. So probably it was just me.

dinner menu
nice flowers
we were here, and yes they do serve iced water

Wasn't that hungry so we ordered two pots of PS. Blend and a plate of truffle shoestring fries to share. Was quite impressed when the fries arrived. It was like really huge portion!

a mountain of truffle fries (@$15++)
salted, cheese'ed and oiled

The smell of the truffle wasn't overpowering, and it was quite addictive to eat. One after another, again and again while it's still hot. Yums. You could also choose the dips for the fries. I was greedy. I chose all. Well, all the complimentary ones, that is.

from the front moving anti-clockwise: mustard, BBQ, mayo, chili, ketchup

As we reached the bottom of the pile of the fries, the oily-ness really seeped in. No worries, our pot of tea to the rescue.

strained leaves

Didn't really read what was inside the PS. Blend, but probably it has Earl Grey? Sure tasted a hint of that flavour. Overall, it gave a pleasant gentle taste.

sugar sugar

It was easy to sit for a few hours chatting with friends there.

wow...the aftermath...
interesting stuffs on the table

The prices are generally on the high side.


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