Thursday, March 29, 2012

Restoran Kwan Tung @ Sungai Chua

Located at Jalan Berjaya 8, Taman Bahagia, Sungai Chua, Kajang, Malaysia. This is one of the many typical zhi char restaurants in my hometown. Seldom eat at this place, but the one that we wanted to visit was crowded so this was the alternative.

al-fresco dining, anyone?

Ordered the black black hokkien mee, fried chicken wings, claypot tofu, assam fish and stir-fried sweet potato leaves with preserved beancurd.

have some tea while waiting
loads of minced garlic, chili padi and some soy sauce and ready to go!

Food arrived approximately 15 minutes later. Not bad.

fried chicken wings (front), black black hokkien mee (back)

The hokkien mee here was super tasty, and super dark too. Yums! Can't really tell what's inside but I think I ate some chicken spare parts, fishcake and some vege. The chicken wings were alright, and I think we ordered about 5 chicken wings as the small portion is 3 wings (3 mid-wings and 3 drumlets).

superbly executed

stir-fried sweet potato leaves

We got a shock when the fish arrived. It's been a while since I've seen such a big plate of steamed fish.

assam fish

The assam fish was appetizing. and everyone enjoyed the sauce. Best eaten with plain rice. The fish was nicely steamed and the collageney parts were yummy!

The bill came up to about RM82 and it fed 5 pax.


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