Saturday, March 31, 2012

Old Town Coffee @ AEON Cheras Selatan, Malaysia

Located at the ground floor of the shopping mall. Needed a quick lunch before our movie, so this was a fast and easy option.

So, what to order at a coffee joint? Why, it's coffee, of course! Took the normal coffee with milk (@RM3.80++). There's another kopi gao version, aka a thicker coffee option. But, the normal ones are already like soooo thick, I couldn't imagine having thicker ones!

coffee with milk

Wasn't feeling very hungry, so ordered a polo bun with butter (冰沙菠萝包). Ok, I admit. Ordered this because it always seemed to appear in those HK dramas whenever the actors eat at the cha chan teng (茶餐厅). So, was curious as to what it would taste like.

polo bun with butter

close up view

Hmmm... I think I didn't like the bread, just normal tasting, and unlike the polo buns found in Crystal Jade. The butter was dripping and all I could think of, was the amount of calories I'm consuming....

Here're the pictures of other food that we ordered:

chicken hor fun (dry)

chicken hor fun (soup)

The soup from chicken hor fun was tasty. But not sure why it was frothy when served. The other item (but didn't take picture) was the bbq chicken egg noodles (served with wan tons). The noodles was springy and well coated with sauce, and the chicken was very tender. Order the chicken egg noodles to try, if you're not sure what to eat here and don't feel like doing the usual coffee bread combo.

The polo bun costs as much as the coffee, and expect to pay at least double of that for the noodles.


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