Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ssikkek BBQ @ United Square

Was at Ssikkek to celebrate cousin's birthday. The buffet price for adult is $24++ for dinner. Cooked dishes include teokbokki 떡볶이, japchae 잡채, porridge 죽, deep fried chicken wings, sweet sour pork etc. 

cooked food

Not a minute to be wasted as there is a 2-hour time limit for the buffet. Guessed that's the norm nowadays for Korean BBQ buffets, yes?

let's get cooking - marinated spicy chicken and pork belly

Lots of meat options, so started with pork belly and spicy chicken. The spicy chicken is recommended. However, lettuces are hot commodities as it wasn't replenished quick enough on our day of visit.

just a little bit more
While waiting for the meats, have some porridge to line the stomach or soups. The drinks, like what others had mentioned, were pretty diluted.

The place was pretty crowded but its service crew would still come by to change the grill. However, do be careful to place your bag away from the chairs near the grill as the staff managed to spill oil onto my bag while I was away at the food counter. -_-'''

beef short ribs 쇠갈비

The restaurant was accommodating to birthday celebration as they brought out clean plates for the cake to our table.

cousin's big-40 cake, baked by his lovely wife


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