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Chir Chir Chicken Fusion Factory @ 313 Somerset

Korean Fried Chicken seemed to have taken Singaporean's tastebuds by storm. Chir Chir Chicken requires no further introduction and its relentless queues during weekends are testaments to its popularity amongst the diners. I'd think it's safe to say that the demographics of diners here ranges from the tweens to young working adults and the occasional families. Whichever demographic group that you belong to, one thing is for sure. Bring your friends along. Chir Chir Chicken serving portions are really meant for 2-3 pax. If you intend to order more than one mains, then 5 to 6 pax would be ideal.

let's all queue
Don't know what to order? Just browse through instagram or do a quick search in the internet. Loads of pictures and write-ups! The main draw for me, was obviously the chickens. The group managed to sample a variety and the amount of food that we had, could have fed 15 pax of big eaters!

Nest Snow @$32.90

The Nest Snow would be the most interesting looking ones, with that huge dollop of cream nested ontop plus the white sauce that was deceptively spicy. The boneless chicken tenders were more tender that I had imagined it to be. Enjoyable but watch out for that sudden spike in heat.

Speaking of which, there are some cool drinks or rather mocktails that one could order. For example the Tok Tok drinks (blue or yellow). Which was fizzy soda infused with flavoured drinks. Likeable.

the fizz infusor
Yellow Tok Tok (non-alcoholic) @$14.90
Coconut Milktail @$12.90
Coconut Milktail Redgizer (with Red bull) - for wakeup call?

On to the food. The original or just crispy fried chicken wings had quite a good crisp on its skin and still juicy insides. The salsa was fantastically tangy and refreshing. The garlic chicken wings didn't have much garlic taste and ended up tasting pretty similar to original fried wings. The Rosemary chicken looked a tad healthier as it was not deep fried but baked. Tasted of herbs and nicely tender. All the chickens be it deep fried or baked, had the non-greasy feel to it. Nice.

Crispy fried wings @$26.90 with mustard dip and salsa
Rosemary Chicken @$29.90 with baked potatoes and salsa
I saw what you're doing

The best drink for fried chicken, of course would be beer. Chimaek for the win! Here, one could order the Chir Cream Beer for that cream beer 'kiss'. I'd just get a Cass, 'coz no likey with cream.

Chir Cream Beer meet the pints - one (left) and half (right)

Speaking of cream, and if you want something sweet and termed as 'salad', do try the Honey Grape Salad. Mix the whole thing together and scoop up those yummy grapes with the honey drizzled pastry. The combo was so good!

Honey Grape Salad
Haven't had enough chicken? Here are some more.

Spicy Wings @$28.90 (sorry, we ate some already, not the full basket in pic)

What a feast to be shared amongst friends! The place was super packed when we visited on a weekend, and the chicken were good. Personal favourite would be the spicy wings. Yums. The spice level was enjoyable.

Chir Chir Chicken feast - good for 15 pax

Chir Chir Chicken Fusion Factory

Location: #B3-04/05/06, 313 @ Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, 238895
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chir-Chir-Singapore/1551584908411319

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