Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Bap @ Velocity Novena Square

Located at Level 2, just next to Marco Marco. Business was brisk on a weekday lunch hour. Serves rice  bowls and ramyums. Styled similarly to fast-food joints, do the ordering at the counter and make payment. Food will be served to your table.

token to identify the table?

Chose "The Classic" which has beef. Top up $3.50 for a drink (limited selection) and a small side of kimchi.

The Classic (top-up for drink and kimchi)

green plum was not available, so pear will do
mix well and enjoy

The amount of rice in the bowl was quite alot for a small eater but would've been just nice for a guy. The kimchi was quite good. Liked the sauce used for the rice.

Expect to spend about $12 per pax for a main and a drink.


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