Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cashback when shopping at Rakuten!

If you're already an avid Rakuten/Groupon/Expedia/Zalora/Taobao shopper, good news! Did you know that there is a company that offers cashback when you shop at online shopping portals such as Rakuten, GroupOn and even Expedia! Yes, no kidding. It exists. Check out ShopBack, a Singaporean-led startup that offers cashback reward ranging from 1% to 12%, depending on portal. This means, one could get paid for shopping online. Interesting.

Here are some online write-ups about ShopBack:

 So, wanting to test this out, I went ahead and registered for an account at ShopBack
ShopBack website

so many merchants in ShopBack

Been eyeing the things in Rakuten for sometime, and just missed the Snaffles offer the other time when it was doing a 1-for-1 for its catch-cakes. But never mind, this time round, found something at half-price. But I was also looking at Japanese Rice and some curries... so many things to buy, so little funds...

ooh, Japanese liquor at half price!

this combination also looks good!

In the end, I chose to get the half-priced liquor. Completed the transaction but nothing seemed to happen with the ShopBack. Hmm, let's get details about Rakuten's cashback here.

Oh, need to wait one day for the cashback to be added to the account. Oops, false alarm! As stated, the cashback will be tracked after 1 day and redeemable after 60 days. True enough, at the next day, the account shows the Rakuten transaction.

pending redeem

All in all, it was a fun experience and there were some other promotions going-on at Rakuten. There was an extra 10% off for Tuesday shopping and an extra 5% when paid via Mastercard using a promo code. So on-top of the 5% cashback via ShopBack, in total, one may save anything from 5% to 15% more. Good right?

For Rakuten, one need to register for an account to shop in Rakuten as guest shoppers will not get to enjoy the cashback. So do remember to read the terms and conditions to make the most out of your online shopping experience!

If you have registered for ShopBack account, and the individual accounts to shop at GroupOn and Expedia, you can click on the links to start shopping (check out the terms and conditions). ShopBack has also conveniently listed out the available coupons and voucher codes that are applicable at the partnering site, on theirs. Most are time-sensitive, so do look-out for it!

Have fun and may you find the best deals!

Order received 2 days after ordering from Rakuten - Sake Cellar
bubble wrapped


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