Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yahava KoffeeWorks @ Jalan Gelenggang

One of those places that either you are staying near the area, or need a car to get there. Or, you may want to follow Derrick's tips on navigating to Yahava via public transportation. How did I get there? Hehe, friends get you everywhere! Special thanks to Ivan and Hence. If you're driving, there's a public car park nearby, with limited capacity of course.

The shop itself has a large sign-board and viewable from afar. Once, you're at its doorstep, you'll notice its door handle/knob that's different from others.

Yahava has a fairly large space to accommodate cafe-goers. At its backroom, one could probably see an on-going coffee appreciation workshop in session. Barista courses are available too. Find out more from this link.

what's available
beans and brews
the mechanics

The place was pretty cosy, very relaxed vibe. Felt almost as if it has a do-as-you-wish kind of atmosphere. Ordered some koffees and cakes to sample.

collective order - affagato, the rose late (for SG50), hot chokolate, mokha and black coffee
danish and scones

Spent some time choosing the cakes. Finally, made the decision to try matcha and the earl grey cakes.

matcha cake
earl grey cake

Preferred the green tea cake for its spongier and lighter texture. The earl grey cake was a tad too dense for my liking.

In terms of drinks, I totally dig the Rose Latte. You'll love this if you like drinking bandung. However, it can do with more coffee. Well, I did mix it a bit with the Kintamani black coffee and it tasted good!

Rose Latte
my order of Mokha @$5

Yahava KoffeeWorks



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