Monday, August 3, 2015

Pie Face @ 313 Somerset

Many would have seen those pies with smiley faces on various social media platform by now. Pie Face originated from Bondi Beach Australia since 2003 and came to our shore in 2014. Currently, there are 3 outlets in Singapore and we visited the one in Somerset 313 as part of our Tring 313 Food Trail 2015, and was our fourth food stop.

shop front

Pies are baked fresh, and those smiley cheeky faces are hand-piped. There are 8 flavours for savouries and about 10 for sweet pies. Just pick your favourites and grab a drink. There are some limited seats inside the shop.

steak pies are crowd favourite
here are the sweet mousse pies

Amongst the savouries sampled, were the Chunky Steak, Chicken + Mushroom and Spicy Chicken. It was actually quite apt. The Spicy Chicken indeed will nett you a surprised look. It was indeed spicy!

let's bring out the savouries
the sweet pies

The chunky steak was very likeable and pleasant but I think the spicy chicken was interesting. For those who love spicy stuffs.

For the sweet pies, I like the almond frangipane pie as its sweetness was just right. The other sweet pies were smaller in size, and I preferred the butterscotch flavoured one. The coffee mousse pie was also quite nice. Other flavours included green tea with red bean pie, raspberry pie, chocolate pie and apple crumble.

Pie Face

Location: #B3-10 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

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