Tuesday, September 1, 2015

P Bistro @ Owen Road

A quiet place to enjoy lunch. There is a lunch special for $15+ that comprises of a main and a soup of the day. On the day of visit, the lunch set had mushroom soup and for the main course; prawn and mussels capellini.

For munchies, we had the truffle fries. Pretty decent well-fried shoe-string fries. The capellini tasted somewhat like fried bee-hoon.

truffle fries
prawns and mussels capellini

Had the eggs benny breakfast. The version here is poached egg served on muffins and came with a side of baked beans and some salad. Liked the salad but the egg had strong vinegary taste to it, unfortunately.

eggs benedict @$15+
customary runny yolk
Service staff was helpful and took the initiative to assist when they saw me struggling with the ketchup bottle that stubbornly refused to pour out.


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