Thursday, September 24, 2015

Old Hong Kong Kitchen @ Novena Square 2

Was in the mood for some dim sum. What's my current must-have for dim sum in a non-buffet setting? Simple steamed cha siew bao (叉烧包). Its centre must've burst forth to reveal the delicious lustrous fillings of sweet cha siew. The darker savoury variant is preferred but nowadays, most are of the reddish variant cha siew.

At Old Hong Kong Kitchen, this week's cover charge was the braised sweet beancurd skin.

cover charge

For our drinks, the service staff recommended the rose tea with goji (枸杞) berries. Ok. But it was such a tiny pot with equally small dainty cups, that we had to have it refilled multiple times since there were four of us sharing this. Very light tasting, slight sweetness but missing the fragrant rose smell.

rose tea with goji berries

Let's roll out the dim sums! Ooh, we ordered 7 baskets of stuffs to share amongst the four of us.

boluo (菠萝包) bun

If bo luo bun means pineapple bun, then how come it doesn't contain any pineapple? 'Coz it just look like a pineapple with the baked cruncy top, that's all.

Those crunchy bits at the top, what are they made of? Recipes indicated that it's made of cake/bread flour, caster sugar, butter, egg yolk, milk powder, evaporated milk, condensed milk and baking powder.

The above Q&A was just to satisfy my own curiosity.

deep fried prawn beancurd roll

The deep fried item was crunchy and served piping hot. The sauce does enhance the taste. Quite nice.
Next, serve me a soft fluffy cha siew bao with delicious moist savoury sweetish pork fillings. Yummy.

cha siew bao
pan-fried turnip cake (萝卜糕)
3 treasures chee cheong fun (三宝猪肠粉)

The turnip cake and cheong fun were pretty run-of-the-mill. The turnip cake lacked the chinese sausage fragrance. The cheong fun sheet was nicely chewy and not too thick but the fillings distribution was not quite even. This version has scallops, prawns and cha siew in its own strips.

Alas, by the time I remembered about the har gao, the dumpling skin had already hardened. =(
Nevertheless, this har gao was packed tightly with firm prawn in it.

har gao (虾饺)

Just when we thought that was the end of lunch, out came the deep fried yam puffs. Oops, everyone had forgotten about this order.

deep fried yam puffs (芋头角)

The yam/taro dumplings were nicely done with adequately crispy outershell and biting into this dumpling yielded a very nice prominent yam taste to it. But, since we had so many items prior with the same cha siew fillings, this was unfortunately rendered towards monotony.

The meal cost about $76 for 4-pax. The dim sum items ranged from $5+ to $6+ each.


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