Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Boiler Louisiana Seafood & Beer @ Tai Seng

While it is near Tai Seng MRT, it took a bit of walking and some faith in that there is a restaurant awaiting for you, somewhere in there. For first timers like me, I took about 6 minutes to walk and 10 minutes to ponder if I was lost. The directions would be something like this: Head out of Tai Seng MRT station, turn right and walk towards Harper Road. You should be able to see Sakae and Breadtalk buildings across the opposite side. No need to cross road but just to walk right ahead. If you passed by a bus stop, then that is correct. When you come across Howard Road, then turn right and walk straight. The streets are most likely empty except for a few foreign workers resting by the curbside. The buildings would look unoccupied especially during the weekends, dinner time. From afar, rejoice when one sees the Khong Guan building. Head towards it, and you'll pass by The Boiler.

at last

Seems like if you intend to dine there during weekends dinner time, especially around 7pm, best to make a reservation as the place was really busy during the PH that we visited. After 8pm, the crowd dwindled. Reservation was easy via the Hungrygowhere website.

lobster on promo, but nothing beats the $1 promo that had ended

Arrived late, so the gang had polished off some snacks which included spam fries, nachos chips (was this with the prawn cocktail?) and wings. Heard that the spicy mid-wings were kind of sour and rather spicy.

last piece of spam fries
Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings @$8.90++

Got myself a beerita, which was a bottle of Corona turned upside down, ontop of ice-blended slush. Hmm, how was this a margarita? Tasted just like beer and crushed ice with lemon.

Beerita @$11.90++

Of course, the main thing to order here is the Bombdiggity Bag. But it serves just 4 pax and we have 7. So ordered a Boiler's Duo Bag which is similar to Bombdiggity, except that it doesn't have crab. Handphones are kept neatly in the plastic cover that the restaurant provides. The helpful staff assisted with the plastic apron tying so that the clothes won't be splattered with the sauces.

dinner is served
Bombdiggity Bag @$139++
The Boiler's Duo Bag @$49++

Had the Bombdiggity with Garlic Butter sauce for the non-spicy tolerant eaters, and The Works for the Boiler's Duo Bag. Think we got the mild or medium for The Works. Each bag consist of clams, mussels, sausages and corns, and Bombdiggity had a dungeoness crab in it. For the two bags combined, we got 6 deep fried buns. These tiny pillowy buns were good to soak up the spicy sauce. Additional ones cost $1.50++ for 2 pieces.

my loot

More than half the table preferred the Garlic Butter sauce as it was more fragrant compared to the spicy one. Personally, I like The Works precisely for its spiciness. But, it was also a tad saltier. That's why it tasted good with beer. Keke.

Also ordered fish & chips to try. They ran out of fries, so it was replaced with potato wedges instead. Boy, it was good.
fish & chips @$12.90++
lovely potato wedges

Expect to spend about $60++ per pax for a seafood bag, snacks to share and a drink here.


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