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1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar @ Jalan Besar

This place is fairly new and was invited there for a tasting. 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar is located near Jalan Besar Stadium. So people who drives, perhaps you'd like to park there. Had cabbed there but taxi uncle dropped me off at #155 Tyrwhitt instead. If you see Parc Sovereign Hotel, then 1 Tyrwhitt Road is at the far end along the same side of the road heading opposite direction of the hotel.


The bistro is Karen and Paul's first foray into the F&B business. However, the Teo's are no stranger to starting from scratch. They are experienced in another business and is now attempting the bistro cafe scene. For the moment, there isn't any brunch nor breakfast offered. Business hours starts from 1130am till 12 midnight.

The 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar has a cosy ambiance, and the menu has currently a limited menu offering of finger food, pizza, pasta and meats. For beer drinkers, there are two types of beer on tap; Carlsberg Premium and Kronenbourg Blanc. Spotted some whiskeys in the shop too. Not Japanese ones though.

good price for beers

For a group of beer guzzlers, a tower of for $49++ might satiate your thirst on a hot warm night. It yields about 7 to 8 glasses of beer. For beer finger food, we tried the Crispy Mid-Wings. Batter was not too thick and well fried. Wonderfully crispy outside and retained its moist juicy meat inside. Strong peppery taste.

ready to dispense
Crispy Mid-Wings @$10++

The walk to reach this place has depleted some energy, so will need substantial food to replenish. Let's roll out the pizzas! Chef's recommendation are the Spizy Pepperoni and Black Truffle Egg Pizza. I'd dare say, the Cheese Lover pizza ought to be in Chef's recommendation as well! Maybe Chef doesn't like cheese? *hmm*

Spicy Pepperoni @$19.80++
Cheese Lover @$19.80++
Black Truffle Egg Pizza @$23.80++

The pizza are of the thin crust variant and must eat while it is hot. The Spicy Pepperoni flavours just grows on you while you slowly chews. Though the menu indicated cut chilies in the spiy pepperoni, am not sure as it wasn't seen nor was it spicy.

The Cheese Lover pizza has 5 types of cheeses; scarmoza, feta, mozarella, taleggio and gorgonzola blue cheese. While enjoyable, the blue cheese taste was very prominent. Overall, this pizza flavour ranked higher in the sodium quotient.

Don't you think an egg ontop of a pizza looks kinda attractive? Yea, am a sucker for nice packaging and presentation. The Black Truffle Egg Pizza was nice but we waited far too long to taste it. It was probably photographed to death. Think it would have tasted even greater when just served.

Bacon Carbonara @$16.80++
Aglio e Olio @$16.80++
Seafood Marinara @$17.80++

The Bacon Carbonara was a miss for me.  It was unfortunately overly heavy with cream and the bacon would probably be better if it was browned more. So, my vote for pasta went to the two seafood pasta options; Aglio Olio and Seafood Marinara. Agreeable flavours with the Aglio Olio, attractive looking prawns of a good size and not too oily. The Seafood Marinara was a pleasant tangy tomato based sauce with lots of seafood.

The thin-crust pizzas were more like appetisers while the pasta would surely fill up those growling tummies.

If carbs is not your choice, then how about solid meats? We tried salmon, chicken and pork.

Grilled Salmon @$20.80++

Liked the plating of the grilled salmon. Looked so pretty. Nicely cooked salmon sitting ontop of lemon butter sauce, accompanied by a mound of soft mash potato. Loved the grilled vegetables too.

Chicken Chop @$16.80++

A decent plate of tender chicken chop with sauteed mushrooms and same mash potatoes, drenched in savoury brown sauce. Wouldn't want to share this plate though, because I'd like to have it all for myself.

Pork Chop @$16.80++

Similar to the chicken chop, the pork chop is nicely presented with a side of home-styled vegetables and potato wedges. It is said to be the favourite of those whom tried it.

There is a whole lot of debate on whether pork can be eaten pink or not. From what I've read, the cooking temperatures for pork is said to be at 145 degrees celcius to 160 degrees celcius. Undercooked meat poses a risk of contracting trichinosis. What is your take on whether pork can be eaten pink or not. Would love to hear your comments.

For desserts, we sampled the panna cotta and the tiramisu. Very likeable desserts that's not too sweet.

Tiramisu @$8.80++
Panna Cotta @$8.80++

For a dinner of two, will recommend a pizza to share as a starter and a main course of any of the meats and some beer to drink, if you are not a teetotaler.

Special thanks to Karen and Paul for hosting the dinner, and Elle for the invite. To my fellow dining companions, thanks for a wonderful night, again.

1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar @ Jalan Besar

Address: 1 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207522
Contact: 6341 5167


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