Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Lokal @ 136 Neil Road

Second time to The Lokal and first time having dinner there. The place is small and cosy hence, reservation is advisable. Brought colleagues there for dinner as they have yet to try. Visited on a weekday night and the place was rather busy. Liked the friendly vibes from the crew.

outside the restaurant

Besides the dinner menu, one could also order up the specials indicated on the chalkboard. Took our time to peruse over the menu. Service was friendly as usual.

dinner menu

let's see what the Chef is up to
Complimentary tap water is available and served promptly. But they were also having a 1-for-1 Kir Royal, so why not! This is basically a sweet champagne cocktail with Crème de cassis.

Kir Royal

iced lemon mint tea for the teetotaller

If you're very hungry and in a group of say 5 pax or more, then it is rather advisable to order up an appetiser or two. We ordered the truffle oil fat fries and boy, it was good! Chunky, slight crisp on its outerside and fluffy on its insides. Plenty of parmesan, was just how we liked it. Yums! Served with housemade chili and ketchup.

Truffle Oil Fat Fries @$10++

Though the mains took a while to arrive, the portions were pretty generous. Ordered a few mains from the chalkboard menu and also from the regular dinner menu. We tried the half roast chicken, the Cape Grim Sirloin Tagliata, the panfried seabass and grilled pork chop.

The service staff did inform that the pork chop would be served slightly pink when we ordered this dish. Liked that the pork chop came with loads and loads of kale. Superfood ftw! Tried a piece of the boneless pork chop and thought it was less pink than expected. The parts with some fatty bits were the best. Otherwise, its meat was quite lean.

Grilled Pork Chop @$22++
Panfried Seabass @$28++

The panfried seabass originally was to be served with clams. No worries if you can't take clams as substitution is possible at this friendly cafe.  We had ours substituted with carrots.

The size of the roast chicken was quite wow. Everyone thought it was rather large.

Roast Chicken (half) @$26++

The Cape Grim Sirloin Tagliata was served with a snow-caped mountain of Asiago cheese over a bed of watercress greens and in it, was the steak. Quite a nice visual, I must say. Overall lovely taste. First time having cheese and watercress combo and I liked it!

Cape Grim Sirloin Tagliata @$28++
nice steak

And of course, we must have desserts. Something sweet for the finale.Why have one desserts when we can share two? Haha! That was what we did, and am glad that we did!

First up was the chalkboard daily specials menu: The Dark Choc Mousse with Biscotti and Kaya. The kaya  at The Lokal, was definitely different from the kaya that was already imprinted in our mind and taste buds. The version here tasted slightly like a more lemak (creamier version of) butterscotch. The biscotti was very good. Super duper crunchy too. Useful to scoop up those dark choc mousse and some kaya. But the presentation of this dish...somehow reminds me of a Pegasus. Hmmm.

Dark Choc Mousse with Biscotti & Kaya @$10++

Then, the best desserts that night, was the sticky date pudding. Bestest. And loving the $10++ price tag for the desserts (and fat fries too!).

Sticky Date Pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream @$10++

Had tried a few sticky dates pudding in my lifetime and so far, am liking the version at The Lokal. Best eaten with sauce and ice-cream. Recommended!

ps: Note that the main course listed on the chalkboard is not eligible for use with The Entertainer App.


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