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[Media Invite] Roosevelt's Diner & Bar @ New Bridge Road

Located at New Bridge Road, conveniently within 2 minutes walk from Exit H of Outram MRT station. Of course, the directionless me took the wrong exit and ended up having to walk for about 8 minutes to get there. Roosevelt is just round the corner of Dorsett Residences. Can't miss it, and easily recognizable by the neon lighted Teddy in a suit that smokes a cigar.

entrance to the diner

Roosevelt's Diner offers a comfortable space suitable for small and large groups alike. It also offers brunch menu whole day long everyday till 6pm. So, if you have any brunch items cravings, there isn't a need to wait till weekends! Just pop by Roosevelt's to satisfy those cravings.

there's a vespa in da house!

Let's have a look at what's available in the brunch menu.

no kidding, brunch menu available everyday till 6pm

What's the first thing that came to mind, when someone says "American Diner"? For me, that'll be milkshake, burgers, pies and jukebox. Yes, I watched a tad too much TV.

Here, we had a chance to sample 3 flavours out of the 7 available milkshakes; Signature Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cheesecake and Oreo. In terms of flavours that stood out, it was the Signature Salted Caramel with its gloriously sweet and salty smooth concoction. The granola bar crumblies in the milkshake added a bite to the creamy smooth texture.

Signature Salted Caramel Milkshake @$10++

But my personal favourite, was the Strawberry Cheesecake. A lady's drink, if you may. Liked the milder fruity flavour of strawberries. Yummy.

Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake @$12++

For food, we had a taste preview of an appetiser from the Dinner menu; the Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops. Plump, juicy seared scallops served with housemade yuzu mustard ricotta, lovingly drizzled with umami'ish seaweed brown butter and topped with toasted hazelnut and ebiko. The contrast of textures between soft, firm and crunchy worked well and loved the flavours of chopped hazelnut.

Was actually looking for some bread to mop up the seaweed brown butter. So delish! But have to restrain self. Too much of a good thing, may not be good after all.

Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops @ $24++

Next up, we got to try some wholesome salad bowls. For some Mexican flavours, one could opt for the Charred Corn Quinoa and should you prefer Asian'ish flavours, go for the Shitake Sesame Salmon.

Charred Corn Quinoa @$17++
pouring some hot sauce yoghurt over the Charred Corn Quinoa

Quinoa is a healthier alternative to rice. The hot sauce is really not spicy, so overall, this bowl has adequate greens, pickled cabbage and lovely crunchy prawns in a good mix of pico de gallo (salsa, typicall made of fresh tomato, onion, and jalapeno) and sliced avocado.

Shitake Sesame Salmon @$18++

The Shitake Sesame Salmon bowl offers a taste closer to Asians with its sesame dressing. There's tofu, shitake mushroom slices, pomegranate, mixed greens, soba and edamame at the base, and a square of tender sous-vide salmon at the top, garnished with plenty of seaweed strips. Simply lovely.

But for those that loves your carbs, how about a well crafted mozarella steak sandwich? Roosevelt takes pride in curating the most suited bread to match with its tender sous-vide sliced beef chuck cooked to allow natural flavours of the meat to shine through. The wholemeal bread was toasted to a lovely crisp brown and melted mozarella over beef slices that exuded beefy flavours when chewed.

Mozarella Steak Sandwich @$16++

look at this lovely steak sandwich
how about some housepour wine to go along with steak sandwich?

For drinks, one could go for bottled craft, or Kronenbourg on tap. If you prefer wine, there are a few housepours with starting price of $8++ per glass (75ml). Or, coffee if you are like me. Mocha was my choice for the day.

coffee and latte art
Usually, brunch food will involve some eggs action. Similarly, one could get plenty of that at Roosevelt's.

If you have a big appetite, or just want to get the most variety, then you may want to order the Big Breakfast that has spiced potatoes, scrambled eggs, chipolata, bacon, shitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, greens and a croissant. Am inclined to think that this feeds two.

Big Breakfast @$28++

However, am excited to introduce two personal favourites from the Brunch menu. First up, a simple looking Beef Cheek on Potato Pancake. Three patties of shredded potato, lovingly stacked ontop of creamy cayenne buttermilk, topped with tender flavourful slow-braised beef cheek and on it, one perfectly poached wobbly free-range egg.

Beef Cheek on Potato Pancake @$22++
lovely side profile

What did I like about this dish? The way its flavours just come through together and the way one could still taste the flavours of the potato.

looking at delicious

Another brunch item that you need to try at Roosevelt's, is the Truffle Potato Foam with Croissant. Have never tried potato foam before, have you?

Truffle Potato Foam with Croissant @$21++

The truffle oil smell was strong, and the surprise find when one digs in. On top, one gets panko or toasted breadcrumbs, torched parmesan, then hidden inside was the free-range poached eggs and bacon bits.

so good, eat while it is hot!

For desserts, we tried the Churros Waffle with chocolate sauce. This is the good old buttermilk waffle with cinnamon spiced sugar. Served with vanilla ice-cream.

Churros Waffle @$12++

Thank you Ying and Roosevelt's for hosting the brunch preview and thank you Kris for the invite.
Click here for Roosevelt's FB page.


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